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#FoodPorn: How to eat like a successful entrepreneur

March 16, 2018 12:59 IST

Who can resist good food? Not us for sure!
In this series, we bring you the best of celebrity foodgasm moments.
Prepare to drool :)

Varun Agarwal foodgasm

Varun Agarwal.
Photographs: @varun760/Instagram.


Varun Agarwal is only 30.

And he has already set up three companies, written a bestseller How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company (Rupa, 2012), and made a name for himself as a motivational speaker.

As he travels the globe in all three roles, Agarwal documents his adventures -- a key part of which is his experiments with food -- on Instagram.

We take a look.


Varun Agarwal foodgasm

Agarwal wrote, 'This is what Ed Sheeran had in mind when he wrote Shape of You ;)'


Varun Agarwal foodgasm

He clearly loves international cuisine -- like this succulent serving of Vietnamese lamb...


Varun Agarwal foodgasm

... And this Pad Thai in an omelette.
His foodgasm Insta posts often involve Asian favourites like the Vietnamese pho, the Korean bibimbap and the Japanese sushi.


Varun Agarwal foodgasm

Sample this Lobster Benedict.


Varun Agarwal foodgasm

Agarwal loves sea food, and like any true seafood lover, he made sure he tried out the Hilsa in Kolkata.


Varun Agarwal foodgasm

Agarwal also loves the wide range of Indian cuisines with just as much passion.
Here's his love note to one such dish: 'While everyone talks about Biryani or Dosa, I think it's high time we talk about the humble Vada. It's been a sidekick to an idly for way too long and needs to be appreciated along with the other greats. Let Vada not be Aberforth Dumbledore. It deserves to be Albus.'


Varun Agarwal foodgasm

There is also always room for dessert.


Varun Agarwal foodgasm

Even the really odd-looking ones.


Varun Agarwal foodgasm

Is there anything as comforting as waffles on a Sunday?


Varun Agarwal foodgasm

And everything's just right with the world when east meets west like in this gulab jamoon cheesecake.


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