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#FoodPorn: This model is a die-hard foodie

April 27, 2018 10:30 IST

In this series, we bring you the best of celebrity foodgasm moments.

Prepare to drool :)

Parul Shah

Photographs: Courtesy Parul Shah/Instagram

It's quite rare to find a model who is a foodie. That's what makes Parul Shah, a former Miss Philippines 2014, so special. 

Her Instagram profile is filled with pics of delicious food yet she has managed to steer clear of the calories. 

Wonder how she does that? 

'To be completely honest, I am not on a diet,' she said in an interview to

'I eat right and I avoid eating junk. Just in case I do end up eating junk, I workout.'

Take a look at some of her delicious Instagram feed.

Parul Shah

Parul puts her culinary skills to test.

Parul Shah

Breakfast is here!

Parul Shah

Next comes brunch!

Parul Shah

Bacon, eggs and toast...Parul's pic of her brunch is already making us hungry.

Parul Shah

Food is her first favourite word.

Parul Shah

'This perfectly cooked salmon.'

Parul Shah

What a Sunday treat looks like.

Parul Shah

A breakfast of pancakes and berries.

Parul Shah

'Happiness is cold watermelon.'
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