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Easter recipes: Meen Mappas, Dukra Maas and more

March 23, 2016 10:57 IST

Easter, the feast of reverence and symbolism, after the austere period of fasting, chimes with the mood of celebration and is all about good food. 

Easter eggs, which represent new life, are the most common symbol of Easter.

And although Easter eggs are a must, it’s the meats and seafood that people eagerly await on Easter, which they usually abstain from during Lent. Non-vegetarian delicacies are thus savoured on this feast.

Mini Ribeiro gets four chefs from across India to share their favourite Easter recipes which they relish.

In Kerala, the Christian community may look forward to beef and pork, but seafood dishes are equally an attraction.

Meen Mappas, Recipe by Chef Michael Saju, Executive Chef, Holiday Inn Cochin

Chef Michael Saju, Executive Chef, Holiday Inn Cochin reminisces how as a child he would wait for his father to go shopping on the Saturday before Easter to buy fresh fish, which his mother would then prepare on Easter Sunday for lunch.

This home-style fish delicacy made with fresh coconut is intrinsic to celebrations and is best enjoyed with the sweetish sour, fluffy appams according to the chef. Till date, he faithfully follows his mother’s recipe.

Meen Mappas Ingredients



Chemmeen Masala, Recipe by Chef Thomas Joseph, Executive Chef, Crowne Plaza Bengaluru

Prawns masala

Living by the sea has its own advantages according to Chef Thomas Joseph. “Our house being on a riverbank and also in close proximity to the sea, it was but natural to have a prawn preparation on all special occasions like Easter. Made with fresh prawns, coconut and spices, Chemmeen Masala is an all- time festive special in our family,” he reveals.




Shepherd’s Pie, Recipe by Chef Clement DCruze, Hyatt Regency Kolkata

Shepherd's Pie

Photograph: Courtesy Amber DeGrace/Creative Commons

Shepherd's Pie -- made from lamb mince seasoned in British style and then baked under a potato topping -- is a classic dish, and Kolkata having a strong British influence has adopted this dish. Those craving for lamb on Easter, yet not keen on a lamb curry, opt for this.

“I too enjoy it,” says Chef Clement DCruze.




Dukra Maas (Pork curry), Recipe by Chef Crystal Mendonca, Executive Chef, Peninsula Grand

Pork curry

According to Chef Crystal Mendonca, the elders in Mangalore believe that although the ‘lamb’ may be the most significant symbol of Easter, for Mangaloreans, the ‘pig’ has always been a symbol of ‘good luck’. They also vote it for ‘peace’ because as you are done with the house blessing prayers, after which ‘Dukra Maas’ is savoured and hunger satiated, peace engulfs the house as everyone retires for a well-deserved siesta on Easter. His family favourite is this typical Pork curry which they enjoy with sanna.



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