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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » Drool! Mouth-watering pics from readers!

Drool! Mouth-watering pics from readers!

January 23, 2018 13:10 IST

Readers share their food pics. You can share yours too!

Follow this link to post the best of your food pics and we will publish them right here on!

Rediff Foodies

Jagadeesh J's pic of home-made sukkrundo, a Konkani delicacy.
"It's like batavada, but the filling is a mixture of moong and jaggery."


Rediff Foodies

Kalpesh Ajugia made this dish using fresh spinach from his garden.


Rediff Foodies

Next we have Anand Chowdhary's pic of a Rajasthani dahi vada, which was prepared by my wife Vandana Chowdhary, Hyderabad.


Rediff Foodies

A tempting plate of crab curry made by Durganand Sawant's wife Mrinalinee.


Rediff Foodies

Finally we have a pic of Sandeep Hoshing's thali that he ate on the Badami-Belgaum Highway.
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