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Craving for something sweet? Try these coconut recipes

August 06, 2017 16:11 IST

Now that the coconut has won its title back as a tree, you may want to try out some coconut recipes. 

Good news! Coconut may soon be declared as the state tree of Goa.   

Earlier, it was classified as a palm tree in Goa, due to which it was prone to indiscriminate felling.

But just this week, the Goa Cabinet has approved an amendment to re-classify coconut as a tree.

Moreover, it has also been resolved to declare coconut as the state tree. 

On that note, here are some recipes that you can try over the weekend.

Coconut Ice Squares

Coconut ice squares recipe

Photograph: Kind Courtesy jamieanne/Creative Commons 



Coconut Payesh by Surupa Sengupta

Coconut Payesh

Photograph: Coconut Payesh by Surupa Sengupta. Kind courtesy


For garnish (optional)


Coconut Barfi

coconut barfi

Photograph: Divya Kudua/Creative Commons




Dear Readers, you can share your special coconut recipes with us.

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