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Christmas special: Recipes from Nagaland

Last updated on: December 22, 2017 16:44 IST

We bring you traditional Christmas recipes from Nagaland.

Pork with bamboo shoot

Megovino Kehie shares her recipe for Pork with Bamboo Shoot.

"This dish is mostly prepared by the Angami Naga, a major tribe of Nagaland," she says.

"The cuisine has been passed down from great ancestors. It is prepared on occasions like weddings, Christmas, harvest festival, etc." 



Tip: This dish is usually served dry, but you can add a cup of water with the remaining ingredients, if you want a gravy. 

Chicken with Bamboo Shoot

Journalist and founder at Northeast Odyssey, Hoihnu Hauzel shares her secret recipe

Serves: 6



Lead pic used for representational purpose only. Kind courtesy: Krista/Creative Commons


Ask your mother, dad, husband, aunt, uncle, grandmother or maybe your food-loving neighbour to share those yummy, nostalgia-filled traditional Christmas recipes.

Share your recipes along with a small write-up on what the preparation means to you.

Email your recipes and a pic of the dish, if you have one, to (subject: Christmas Recipes) with your NAME and HOMETOWN, and we'll feature the best ones right here on 

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