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9 reasons why you're overeating and how to stop doing it!

October 08, 2017 10:00 IST

Follow these simple tips to lead a healthy life.


It is hard to resist some ready to eat foods, especially when you are tempted by scents.

This requires a lot more self-control and discipline to navigate through the fast food-addicted world without getting caught up in it.

In this era, controlling binge eating has become nearly impossible.

However, it is in your best interest to take it down a notch or two.

Follow these simple steps to untangle yourself from bad habits and lead a healthier life.

1. Making ambitious diet plans 

You can't jump into this change with guns blazing.

If you do, you'll probably feel overwhelmed, deprived and be more likely to closet eat.

Tip: Opt for an open sandwich, so you reduce the carbs to half.

Choose grilled chicken or fish instead of fried, and order a side salad instead of fries.

Tip: Make simple modifications to your eating habits

2. Emotional eating

At times you feel that the only way to take stress away is why boozing or munching.

Such emotional eating can also take a toll on your body.

Tip: The best alternative to this is exercise, which releases endorphins that have a proven benefit of changing your mood.

3. Peer pressure

You can be influenced by friends, co-workers, commercials, print ads and billboards.

Tip: Act like you know something they don't, and be a trendsetter.

You might look or feel like an outcast now, but you'll have the upper hand when you're not huffing and puffing when you take the stairs up to the office.

4. Food labels

Create a habit of reading food labels when you are doing shopping.

'Fat-free' or 'zero per cent trans-fat' might look like a wise choice.

But, don't be fooled!

'Fat-free' usually means 'full of sugar'.

It's important to crack those catch phrases by reading the nutrition facts and the ingredient list.

Always watch out for trans-fat content, saturated fats, sodium and sugar levels.

Tip: Watch out for healthy foods that are usually found on the outer edge of the grocery stores.

5. Never shop when you are hungry

It has been proven that shopping while you are hungry will result in impulsive buying.

Tip: It is also a good habit to make a list of items when you go to the store rather than just picking up items randomly.

This will not only help prevent you from wrong eating habits, but also makes the shopping cost effective.

6. Eat quality, not quantity

Knowing the portion size is an essential part of creating healthy.

Many nutritionists and fitness trainers choose to weigh their food and count calories, but this will only drive you nuts before you watch some result of transformation.

The palm of your hand is a fantastic measuring tool.

Use it to measure a protein, complex carb and vegetable portion for every meal.

Tip: Once you have this mentality of compromising on the quantity, the path gets much easier.

7. Eating on the run

Most of us walk and eat, or stuff down a meal to get to our next commitment on time.

If you are taking less than 20 minutes to eat a meal, it is considered as fast eating.

Tip: Satiety usually comes 30 minutes after eating, so provide ample time to feel the satisfaction when you are eating.

8. Keep yourself stress free

Some people indulge themselves in late night eating, which is usually out of loneliness, boredom or depression.

It is desirable to munch on fruits or nuts than calorie filled snacks.

Tip: Stock up your fridge with only healthy snacks. 

9. Not brushing after each meal

Most people don't feel like eating right after they brush. This practice can help reduce the cravings a little.

This has been also proven to be beneficial in overcoming the unhealthy eating habits.

Tip: Brush your teeth or use a mouthwash after a main meal.

The article is written by Dr Manoj Kutteri, Wellness Director at Atmantan Wellness Centre.

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Dr Manoj Kutteri