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5 traditional Christmas recipes

December 18, 2015 14:00 IST

What is Christmas without some traditional food?

Christmas table spread

Photograph: Courtesy thepeachmartini/Creative Commons

Under the mild winter sun, as the spirit of Christmas fills our hearts, we all have stuffed chicken or Roast turkey with gravy, on our minds and of course yule logs, mince pies and plum cake.

What is Christmas without some traditional food after all?

Mini Ribeiro talks to some well-known chefs across India who share their favourite Christmas recipe.

Duck Moile

"This was a dish which always reminds me of Christmas, especially in my growing up years. The fatty gravy works well in winter and the gamey aroma of the duck brings back memories even now. Most of the East Indian families in Mumbai, in the good old days, had ducks and chicken growing in their backyards and the fattest of the ducks would be saved for the Christmas lunch."

- Chef Paul Kinny, director-culinary, The Phoenix Mills Pvt Ltd



For the masala


Chef's Tip: You can add raw potatoes to the dish and cook with the duck

Christmas Mince Pie

christmas mince pie

Photograph: Courtesy The Suryaa, New Delhi

"Once, during Christmas season, a guest who came to buy goodies, asked the cake shop person, whether the Mince Pie is made with halal meat or not. I intervened and it took me a while to convince the guest that the Mince Pies do not contain any meat or meat products. It is a sweet dish with mixed fruits as the main ingredient. It can be sweet or savoury. However in India, the sweet Mince Pie is popular."

- Chef Sanjay Thomas, F&B Director, The Suryaa, New Delhi



For pie crust


Turkey Roulade (with bacon, sausage, apricot and corn bread stuffing)

Turkey Roulade

Photograph: Courtesy Indigo Deli

"No Christmas at Indigo Deli is complete without this dish. We have been preparing this since inception. It is a must inclusion, though we keep tweaking it a bit each year. It is this dish that reminds me that Christmas is here."

- Chef Jaydeep Mukherjee, executive chef, Indigo Deli


Time: Steam Roast @ 170°C for 1 hour

Portions: 15


Stuffing for the Roulade


Making and baking the Roulade

Chef's tip: Remove the silver foil and further roast at 210°C for 7 mins to get a good golden brown colour on the skin.

Pork Sorpotel

Pork sorpotel

Photograph: Courtesy Hotel Peninsula Grand, Mumbai

"We in Vasai, in the Western Suburbs of Mumbai, drool at the very mention of sorpotel. A dish, which is a prerequisite for every Christian celebration and an essential at Christmas lunch. I still remember my mother labouring on Christmas eve to get all the preparations done for this easy-looking, but not-so-easy dish which she would make mixed with the most expensive ingredient, love!"

- Chef Crystal Mendonca, executive chef, Hotel Peninsula Grand, Mumbai




Christmas Fruitcake

Christmas Cake

Photograph: Courtesy Cidade de Goa

"One heralds the Christmas season with the fruit mixing ceremony, where dry fruits, nuts, candied fruits and peels, ground spices are macerated with generous amounts of fruit juices and alcohol. I have been part of this tradition for almost two decades in various kitchens in hotels. Only once I missed this festive preparation, as the hotel was in the pre-opening stage and the kitchens were not functional for celebrating Christmas. Since this spirit could just not be ignored, I took permission from the chef of another hotel in the city to participate in their activities, and to immerse myself and team in the seasonal preparations. We had a great time."

- Chef Sunit Sharma, executive chef, Cidade de Goa


Yield 6 kg


For the soaked fruits

For the fruit cake


For the cake

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