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5 Tips To Inspire Positivity At Work

April 22, 2022 09:54 IST

When your team is happy, it inspires confidence and builds a positive atmosphere among your subordinates that the boss/manager loves and cares for its employees, notes Harshit Malik, wisdom coach and enrichment guide.

how to stay positive at work

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Everyone has worked in an office or a work space that just feels like a downer.

Whether one is having a bad day or it has become the norm to stay cold and distant with each other, it can be physically exhausting to work in a negative environment.

You can choose the easy way out and quit the job, but before taking drastic measures, why not try to change things a bit?

Having a positive attitude is important to keep you motivated and see more opportunities for yourself.

Similarly, a positive attitude at work is one of the best ways to optimise your happiness at work and feel satisfied with what you do.

Here are top 5 ways you can create positive vibes in your workplace:

1. Bring in some light and greenery

Imagine walking into a dark, poorly lit workspace with no window, plant, and lighting? It won't make you feel awake, refreshed, and ready to work!

Good lighting and greenery isn't just optimal for taking selfies but can be more productive for everyone to make them feel more satisfied with their jobs.

Decorating the work space with plenty of plants with enough windows or glasses for ample sunlight and fresh air will bring about a positive change in the atmosphere.

2. Energise your team

Having synergy amongst the team is of utmost importance.

Step away for a team lunch, vacation and outings which will help keep a check in with the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of everyone.

Healthy habits start at the top. So ensure that there are regular breaks throughout your day and encourage your team to do the same.

Connect with your employees to make them feel important and motivated. This will help build trust between them and you.

3. Make work fun

One of the top goals of any organisation should be that people have fun while they are at work.

If people enjoy their workday, they are more positive, energized, and productive.

Team managers can add fun by playing a surprise music, arrange a guitar session or play a quick team game towards the end of the day to create warmth and closeness towards each other.

Similarly, inviting different speakers to your organisation will help build the rapport between the team and make them feel more invested and interested in the work they do.

4. Communication is a two-way street

As an employer, promoting positivity among your staff will reward you with best results.

When your team is happy, it inspires confidence and builds a positive atmosphere among your subordinates that the boss/manager loves and cares for its employees.

When they spend so much time away from their families, sharing and encouraging employees to express themselves at work creates immense value.

It also brings the staff close to each other.

5. Celebrate wins, large and small

During tough times, often workers feel like they are on a treadmill where they are running real fast and getting nowhere.

Managers need to establish clear priorities and focus on short range objectives that can be achieved, publicised, and rewarded.

Winning moments create a positive atmosphere thus encouraging people to feel good about themselves and set higher future goals.