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Fitspo! Let these toned midriffs inspire you

May 18, 2020 13:02 IST

It’s time to get back into shape.

May 19 will mark eight weeks since India went into lockdown against COVID-19.

Eight weeks of sitting at home.

Eight weeks of boredom.

Eight weeks of binge-watching.

And binge-snacking.

Eight weeks of experimenting with making exotic food. And eating it.

Which, of course, must have played havoc with your physique.

Let these well-toned models inspire you to get back into shape.

Rewati Chetri

Photograph: Kind courtesy Rewati Chetri

Rewati Chetri's abs look ramp-ready!


Sucheta Sharma James

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sucheta Sharma James

Sucheta Sharma James's abs are thanking her for that workout.


Sony Kaur

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sony Kaur

Sony Kaur's abs are ready for the beach.


Iris Maity

Photograph: Kind courtesy Iris Maity

Iris Maity's abs get clicked.

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