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Meet the Queen of Fitness! Her incredible form will motivate you

By Rediff Get Ahead
Last updated on: October 23, 2018 12:16 IST
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Need some motivation to hit the gym? This sexy fitness model will come to your rescue!

Monday is here and it's time to hit the gym!

If you're deciding to bunk, then these pics of Asian-American 'Gym Queen' will motivate you. 

Michie Peachie's workout pics are probably the sexiest thing you will see all day. Take a look! 

Photographs: Courtesy Michie Peachie

The fitness guru has over 7,00,00 followers on Instagram. At 30, she doesn't look her age. 

Touted as the 'Muscular Queen' for the Instagram, she's half-Korean and half-American.


Who thought muscles would look so SEXY on women!

Michie has been inspiring her followers with her fitness pics and videos, which have gone viral. 

The secret to her fab bod is good eating habits and a strict workout regime.

'It's all about balance! Even I let myself have some fun and eat horribly sometimes. It's the only way to stay sane and stay on my diet throughout the week.

'It's all about balance my loves! And if you maybe over did it or are currently over doing it, no worries!'


Fit to star in the next Baywatch? Her favourite exercise is working out her lower abdomen and the results are here for all to see. 

'Ladies, whether you're going down to the beach or spending the weekend at a family BBQ, it can be easy to lose your balance.

'Greasy foods and alcohol calories can stack up so fast, while proteins and greens are usually kept at a bare minimum.

'You can absolutely enjoy your holiday while being aware of what you're putting in your body this weekend.'


That's the reaction she gets when she visits the gym. 


'Don't forget that your whole life can change in a split second with the power of one choice. Have you fallen off your diet or fitness routine? NOT TODAY! Today you have the choice to change your life for good! It’s that simple. Make the choice and do the motions. It’s never too late,' she writes on Instagram. 


'Be a boss woman, be independent...I promise life is so much better when you don't 'need' other people... the freedom when you can stand tall all on your own, is the goal,' she adds. 

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