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How to get in awesome shape in 3 weeks!

Last updated on: December 11, 2017 11:25 IST

Dare to take our ultimate fitness challenge?


Presenting Part 2 of the series. 

PART 1: New Year Countdown: The ultimate 5-week fitness challenge

Week 2: Understand macro-nutrition.

In fitness, there are 5 golden rules.

1. Exercise
2. Eat right
3. Sleep well
4. Drink water regularly
5. Be patient

People exercise, sleep and drink water in most cases, but fail to take in the right food at the right time.

When working out, it's important to know and calculate your macro-nutrients, which are protein, fat and carbs.

Carbs are a source of energy, whereas good fat, which is great source of Omega 3 is needed to keep your body healthy.

Out of all your macro-nutrients, proteins are very essential.

You can consume carbs and fats from various sources, but often fail to take in the right amount of protein, which is essential for muscle recovery, repair and growth.

How to calculate your macros:

Body weight in kg x 1.5 for protein
Body weight in kg x 1.4 for carb 
Body weight in kg (divided by) 4 for fat

This pattern is ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight.

Each gram of protein has four calories.

Each gram of carb has four calories.

Each gram of fat has 9 calories.

Based on the calculation, a 80 kg individual will be taking the following:

80 kg x 1.5 = 120 gm protein x 4 = 480 calories

80 kg x 1.5 = 120 carbs x 4 = 480 calories

80 kg/4 = 20 fat x 9 = 180 calories

The total number of calories consumed are 1140, which is ideal for anyone trying to lose weight.

The calorie intake only goes up with time as you need to keep adding 10 per cent more to it every week, since your body require more energy.

From the last week, you might be a little sore, which is very normal.

This week, we are going to up our game a little and try to push harder when exercising.

Recommended workout routine for week 2:

4 sets of 50 high knees

4 sets of 10 push-ups

4 sets of 25 jumping jacks

4 sets of 12 alternate bicep dumbbell curl 

4 sets of 12 shoulder dumbbell press

4 sets of 30 sec wall sit 

4 sets of 30 sec plank hold

4 sets of 20 squats

10 mins walk at a mild pace.

For this week the intensity has gone up a bit as the workouts will be 35 to 40 minutes long.

All you need is a pair of dumbbells and these workouts can be performed form the comfort of our home.

Keep 30 - 45 second breaks between the sets and 1 to 1.5 minutes between exercises. 

The author is the founder of My Bollywood Body, a popular online fitness platform based in Canada, which promotes the concept of E-Gymmimg.

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Riz Sunny