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Fashion To Take Your Breath Away!

Last updated on: September 19, 2022 10:15 IST

New York Fashion Week's Spring/Summer 2023 season threw up a bunch of perfect-for-you fashion fads. Jot them down and hunt for these styles when you head out for your next shopping spree.

Look out for sarong-wrapped pants and fairy-like sheer skirts that will show off your pins and more.

And oh, keep your eyes peeled for a boiler suit.

IMAGE: Yup, sheer on sheer is happening.
Psst... it's okay to flaunt your lingerie in public; make sure it's pretty stuff though.

Photographs: Amr Alfiky/Reuters


IMAGE: Where did the panelled blouse end and the pants begin? And didn't those linen white slacks have A skirt-ish element to them?
We are told these are the immensely versatile sarong or Thai wrap pants.

IMAGE: Fashion is nothing short of wizardry. It can take ugly workman coveralls and make 'em over into a haute couture garment.
Put the gloriously attractive Bella Hadid into an aqua-blue pair of them and she will cast a spell on you.
Note: The beautiful shade of blue was a nod to dopamine dressing -- colours that boost your mood.


IMAGE: The mysterious Yeti-like apparition that wandered onto the ramp had even the front-low ladies a tad bemused. Check their expressions.
Apparently gigantic fur caps are having their moment courtesy Marc Jacobs x Fendi.


IMAGE: We can relate to this one. Big time.
The neat, precise folds of the high-necked togo-type dress draped beautifully. No chance of a wardrobe malfunction or awkward minding of the way it falls.
Jason Wu's very feminine, ruched number in pale, soft lilac was applause for minimalistic fashion.


IMAGE: Coats are getting longer, folks.
And more see-through and more plasticky and more bizarre and more wonderwoman-ish. She looked like she could take flight any moment.


IMAGE: Above the waist: The outfit offered a tracksuit vibe.
Below the waist: It was dainty, partywear.
From the Fendi collection too, the line, with its built-in bags, advocated utility to be key.

Photographs curated by Manisha Kotian/
Feature Presentation: Rajesh Alva/

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