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Does Ayushi Gupta Ever Go Out Of Style?

February 20, 2023 16:24 IST

Ayushi Gupta is not a girl for fancy giddy garments and fallalery.


No glitzy frocks. No frilly froufrou skirts. No snazzy, cut-out-shut-out cropped tops for her. Her fashion is as serious and sober as her choice of films.

We have seen her as Nabo in Hostel Daze, Alia in The Song We Sang and Sunaina Chauhan in Cubicles.

Yet, she's the 'sabse khoobsurat son pari' who loves moody hues and would love to be Ursula from The Little Mermaid in a villain era.

IMAGE: The Actor B. Eng: Even dressed in black, Ayushi will bring brightness to any dark space. Hai kitni pyaari smile hain, especially when painted in the cheeriest shade of red.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Ayushi Gupta/Instagram


IMAGE: High-brow charm: In an outfit that celebrates not peaches n cream but peach and noir, she turns a scarf into a high-hemmed sari to create a classy ode to simplicity. 


IMAGE: A national level basketball player and an engineer in electronics and telecommunication engineering, Ayushi is hoping to be 'manifesting my future to be bright as her aesthetic'.
All-pink is a colour extravagance for her.


IMAGE: It's the norm to expect nothing ordinary from Ayushi. Seeing her, in denim-on-denim slightly masculine street style, on a beat-up bicycle is actually a paean to girlhood.


IMAGE: Hostel ladki chic.


IMAGE: Ayushi Into The Wild: Modest abs reveal in a folksy printed cropped top with green tracks for a 'posing in the Savannah' at Masai Mara, Kenya, where she confesses she was in 'wannabe David Attenborough' mode.


IMAGE: She says ruefully, 'If awkward was an aesthetic, your girl Ayushi would feature on Pinterest'.
We tend to agree with her fans: Indeed she is looking like a 'Q T'.