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'Confused. Which MFs can get us Rs 1.5 cr in 18 yrs?'

December 15, 2022 10:24 IST

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Yogesh Nandurkar: My age is 42 year & my wife age is 34 year. We want to start the SIP in Mutual Funds, but quite confused actually which fund needs to be picked which will be best suited for us to our requirement. I want to create corpus of 1.5 cr for retirement, 2 cr for Child's education and marriage from my investment for 15 - 17 years & same amount of return for my wife for the investment of 25 years. Require your valuable guidance on exactly which fund and how much in each fund i need to invest so that the above objective can be fulfilled. Thanks in advance for your values advice.

Nikunj Saraf: Hi Yogesh. I understand that you have multiple goals. In order to achieve your retirement goal of 1.5 crore in 18 years, you can start sip 15k per month. With the goal of your child's education and marriage being reached in 15 years with 14% CAGR you can begin the sip of 32K per month.

In addition, you can include large, mid, and flexi caps as part of your portfolio creation.

Bikash Mustaphi: My age is 52. Please suggest me some good Mutual Funds to invest for the next 8 years. This will be part of retirement corpus. I will be getting Rs. 50 lakh at retirement (PF, PPF, SUKANYA SAMRIDDHI, etc.,) and west bengal govt employee's pension. I wish to invest Rs.10000/p.m aggressively for my girl child who will be only 15 in 2030 due to my late marriage. I will follow your valuable advice.

Nikunj Saraf: Hello Bikash Mustaphi. With your multiple goals for next 8 years since you are willing to take high risk, you can prefer investing in below mentioned schemes:

Proposed Portfolio:

Goal – Daughter’s Education:

Quant Active Fund

Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund

Nippon Small Cap Fund

Kotak Emerging Equity Fund

Goal -- Retirement:

PGIM India Flexi cap Fund

ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund

Venkata Swamy: Sir I am a retired person have retirement money want to invest in mutual funds by way of SIPs. Please let me know how to approach to invest in good mutual funds.

Nikunj Saraf: Hi Venkata Swamy. In order to invest your retirement corpus amount, I recommend investing via STP rather than lump sum to benefit from future market volatility. Also I would advice to invest in low risk appetite categories such as Large cap, Balanced Advantage, and Debt funds categories etc.

Sandeep Kakade: I am from Mumbai my salary Rs 45000 per month and I am 40 years old now I wanted to invest in mutual funds for better retirement kindly suggest name of mutual fund to invest.

Nikunj Saraf: Hi Sandeep. In response to your concern, I would suggest to start your MF investment journey with below mentioned schemes for the vision of retirement planning.

Nitish Kumar: I want to create a corpus of 5-10 cr in next 10 years. I started some sips in 2018 of small amount of 2k with a PPF of 1.5L annually. With this amount I have still now 19L as saved amount. Now I have paused my previous sips and started new sips with a financial firm. They are listed below:

1-  IIFL focused Equity fund(G) - 130000 one time deposit from redemption of one earlier sips which was not performing well.

2-  Canara Bluechip Equity fund(G) - 130000 one time deposit from redemption of one earlier sips which was not performing well.

3-  SBI Contra(G) - 130000 one time deposit from redemption of one earlier sips which was not performing well.

4-  IIFL focused Equity fund(G) - 25000rs SIP monthly started

5-Canara Bluechip Equity fund(G) - 25000rs SIP monthly started 6-SBI Contra (G) - 20000rs SIP monthly started

7- SBI Smal cap fund (G)- 10000rs SIP monthly 8- Canara Roberco Small cap- 10000rs SIP

I intend to save 90K to 1 L a month. What is the maximum corpus I can create with this saving in next 10 years?

Also PPF of 1.5L annually. I have a lump sum of 25L to 30L annual salary. Please suggest and guide me if I can do something more better. I have not redeemed all of my previous sips and effect of compounding is still on. With the withdrawal ones I have 9L plus 8.40L if PPF. Right now I'm 32 years and plan to retire at 45 to 50 looking for retirement planning. Please guide.

Nikunj Saraf: Hello Nitish Kumar. Depending on your goal of creating 5 crore of corpus, you can increase the amount of your SIP up to 1.59 Lakh. With current investment values of SIP and Lump sum, you may be able to achieve a corpus of 3.2 crore. Regarding your current investment, it appears that you have thoroughly researched the mutual fund market. A fine selection of schemes is made. I would suggest diversifying your portfolio by AMC and category. For future SIPs, you may introduce midcap, flexicap, and largecap categories.

Arvind Gupta: I am 40 years old and want to create a MF portfolio that will give me >= 15% return for the next 6-8 years. I am fairly open to taking risks. Can you pls suggest a basket of 5-6 funds and how much to invest in each of them to get a corpus of 1 Cr at the end of the time frame?

Nikunj Saraf: Hello Arvind. You may invest in the following schemes to create a corpus of 1 CR in the next 8 years based on your requirement. The starting sip amount will be 56K per month.

SBI Small Cap Fund -- 12,000.00

Quant Flexi cap Fund -- 12,000.00

ICICI Pru Bluechip Fund --- 10,000.00

Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund -- 10,000.00

Nippon India Growth Fund -- 12,000.00

Total: 56,000.00

Gagan Kulkarni: I am 20 year old, in software development since last 3 years, I am very keen reader of your column and take lot of inspiration from your remarks for investing, following is my portfolio:

SIP-L652G SBI Multicap fund Regular Plan Growth -- 10000 Lump sum-SBI Large & Midcap fund Regular Growth -- 500000 Lump sum-SBI Additional purchase -- 400000

SIP-SBI Small Cap fund dir Growth -- 25000

SIP-Sbi nifty index fund direct plan Growth -- 5000 Lump sum-Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund -- 5000

SIP Parag Parikh FCF -- 2000

Lump sum-Nippon India Growth Fund -- 5000 SIP-Nippon small Cap fund -- 15000

SIP-Nippon India Growth Fund -- 15000

SIP-UTI Flexi Cap Fund (UTI Equity fund) -- 15000 SIP-UTI Nifty 50 Index Fund -- 5000

Lump sum-Axis Blue chip fund-direct growth -- 250000 Lump sum-ICICI Blue chip -- 250000

SIP-ICICI Technology fund - dir plan Growth – 1000

SIP-Tata Digital India fund -dir plan Growth -- 2000 All SIPS are per month (95k)

  1. All investment is only 6-month old; please suggest any changes as i am investing 100% in MF and NIL in Bank FD now.
  2. Further from software development i am expecting around 5 Lakh, please suggest suitable to invest in any other or continue in above.
  3. I would like to take very high risk and timespan minimum 5 years, please advise approx value after 5 years with current portfolio.

Nikunj Saraf: Hi Gagan Kulkarni. The detailed overview of your MF portfolio indicates over-diversification with 95k SIP. Hence, I would suggest reconsidering,  concising, and reshuffling your portfolio. As part of the portfolio reshuffle, make sure to have AMC diversification as well.

Limit yourself to 1-2 schemes in each category. I can see several schemes in different categories for each AMC.

For Lump sum investment you may consider ICICI Bluechip Fund, SBI Large & Mid Cap Fund and Nippon Small cap Fund. In next 5 years you may achieve a corpus of 1 Cr with 14% CAGR on your current sip and Lump sum investment.

NABENDU DAS: I am investing in below funds on monthly basis through SIP.

Axis Long Term Equity 7000 ICICI Pru Bluechip Fund 6000

Mirae Blanced Advantage Fund 4500 Mirae Emerging Bluechip Fund 5500 10 lakh accumulated so far

I plan to accumulate 2 cr by 2035. How much more do I need to save monthly from April 2023 to achieve my goal?

Nikunj Saraf: Hi NABENDU DAS. To achieve the corpus of 2 Cr by 2035 you may increase the sip amount to Rs.36000 approx.

Nirav Modhiya: Thanks for helping us towards becoming financial independent. I am currently 39 years and want to generate corpus of 5 cr in next 10 years. I am new to MFs and guide me to achieve my goals. Which scheme i can opt for to achieve my goals?

Nikunj Saraf: Hello Nirav Modhiya. For the goal of 5 Cr, you can start sip in mf of around Rs.1.91 Lakh with 14% CAGR in the categories such as large cap, flexi cap, mid cap and small cap funds.

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