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Diwali recipe: How to make Zucchini Coconut Dumplings

October 18, 2014 09:13 IST

Rediff reader and food blogger Shipra Dudeja from Sweden tells us how she discovered this interesting sweet recipe.

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My mother used to make bottle gourd fudge on festivals, specially on Karva Chowth and Janmasthami and I remember how my siblings and I used to fight on having more.

This is one of my few favourites among sweets as I don’t have a sweet tooth .

I love its mild taste and soft crumbling texture.

Coconut goes so well with bottle gourd and this is something I wanted to make but finding bottle gourd in Stockholm is like finding Nemo but who cares :)

When life does not give us bottle gourd, we use courgettes.

So here is my recipe for Courgettes and Coconut Sweet Dumplings:

Courgette Sweet Dumplings





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Shipra Dudeja