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Diet food = Boring? Nah, says this expert

By Hitesh Harisinghani
November 16, 2016 16:04 IST
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Nutritionist Samreedhi Goel shares simple ways through which you can lose weight.

Photographs and videos by Hitesh Harisinghani/

IMAGE: Sonu Sood, Ranveer Brar and Samreedhi Goel introduce the Belgian Conference Pear. Photograph: Hitesh Harisinghani/

Want to improve your eating habits? Samreedhi Goel, a nutritionist and fitness expert with over 17 years of experience, suggests focusing on colour -- the more colour you consume, in terms of fruits and vegetables, the healthier your diet is.

This is just one of the tips Samreedhi has up her sleeve.

Take a look:

#TIP 1: How to lose weight: 5 foods to avoid 

Watch the video below to know why fried foods are a complete NO-NO!

#Tip 2: Common myths about dieting

If you think diet food is boring, this video is for you:

#Tip 3: Mistakes dieters make

Did you know that water is a magic ingredient that will help you lose weight faster?

Surprised? Watch the video below:

#Tip 4: Healthy foods for hair/skin during winter

Watch the video to find out why you should add colourful foods to your diet


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