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Diana Teaches You How To Take A Selfie

April 05, 2023 15:56 IST

Photograph: Kind courtesy Diana Penty/Instagram

Diana Penty firmly believes that your personal fashion must follow the time of the year. She particularly enjoys winter dressing and the happiness of wearing/showing off more clothes, rather than less.

Summer is a riot of colour for her. She goes to town with the bright shades, like it's a never-ending carnival.

The actor started her career as a fashion model years ago, and her first-ever ramp show was with Lakme Fashion Week. Does she have a formula she follows to go for the kill as a showstopper?

"It's important to feel comfortable in what you are wearing (on the runway)," she says, "Otherwise (the discomfort) shows on your face." Her advice is to "do the fittings in advance" and take a "liking for the outfit you are wearing."

"Once you are on the ramp it is a lot of fun," she adds.

When it comes to fashion, Diana's vote goes to breezy, airy outfits in white and pastel shades. But she also likes dabbling with denims.

"I love dressing for winter. I like boots and layering -- that's always been my style. Summer also gives me the opportunity to be playful with colours and fabrics."

Summer makeup for Diana is about a minimalist approach. "The no make-up look is great, especially when you need a glowing, dewy complexion. Use lots of highlighters," Diana suggests.

Diana's tip for a great selfie is to focus on "the camera angle, as it's the most important."

"When you turn your camera around, it sometimes distorts your face. It is important to keep it at a bit of a height and as far away from your face as possible."

Thanks, Di.

The one place on Diana's bucket list is Leh. "I still have not been to Ladakh as yet."

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