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Desi Fashion Influencers Take Over Cannes

May 29, 2023 13:16 IST

Fierce fashion icons. Style hell raisers.

These women are living out their best Pinterest mood boards and are Instagram's first ladies, always tickling your fashion bone.

The desi influencers and their Cannes wardrobe require a huge round of applause.

Like a thriller, their ensembles only kept getting better, with each passing day.

IMAGE: Dolly Singh was a tangle of exotic black in a gown that mixed and matched straps, trains, pallus, dupattas and influences better than a melting pot.
Its excitement came from the fusion masala touch it exuded.
A corseted sari with an archival hood, Dolly's 'khoon bhari maang' style, as she termed it, was crafted by Tarun Tahiliani.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Dolly Singh/Instagram

IMAGE: Here was another outfit with an identity crisis. It could not decide if it was a gown or a sari or a full-fledged cape and covered bases playing all the roles expertly.
Net result: Raja Kumari offered her first Cannes hello, in iridescent red, as part dulhan, part Chris de Burgh muse and part Superheroine.
When the red stilettoes got uncomfortable, this 'swarg se utri hui apsara' slipped into comfy sliders.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Raja Kumari


IMAGE: Her fans' 'Queen of Hearts', Raja Kumari swept the winding staircase of the iconic Hotel Martinez clean in the Manish Malhotra creation.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Raja Kumari


IMAGE: Wonder how fairy tales will sustain their magic when every third person walking on the street is a Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty or an Elsa, on a Cannes street at least.
While fans would swoon over anything new mommy Masoom Minawala puts on, this Falguni Shane Peacock gown was high on their list of favourites.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Masoom Minawala/Instagram


IMAGE: Niharika M's rich attire was a close relative of the Columbia Pictures Torch Lady costume.
Dressed in a Shantanu Nikhil 'contemporary ombre sari gown laden with silver knight rhinestones, metallic beads, and tassels of chains and crystals', she put the sari on the naksha at Cannes with this wowie moment for the traditonal drape.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Niharika NM


IMAGE: Kusha Kapila glammed up in a custom Rimzin Dadu gown that had an unwicked Angelina Jolie-Maleficent aspect to it.
Many were full of shabashi for the Kapila Cannes Effect.
Fellow influencer Komal Pandey felt this 'should be what Kusha's wax statute should look like whenever it's made'.
Actor Tridha Choudhury crowned her as the 'Indian version of Wonder Woman'.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Kusha Kapila/Instagram


IMAGE: That memo about pearls from the last century declaring why wear one strand, when you can wear two, has no meaning in this over-ornate age where gowns are on a massive pearl high.
But an overdose of pearls evidently has its uses -- Diipa Khosla's over-pearly look prompted her husband to propose to her again on Instagram!
This Yousef Aljasmi pearl dress was worn earlier by Nora Fatehi, but when Diipa teamed it with a Mikaeld pure white cape, magic happened.
Photograph: Kristy Sparow/Getty Images