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Dazzling Janhvi Glams Up The Runway

November 29, 2022 14:01 IST

Orange is considered a summer colour by the fashion pundits -- it reminds us of stuff we associate with that season like the sun, chilled OJ, ripe peaches, the fragrance of citrus, fiery gul mohur trees and juicy mangoes.

But orange can spread love and warmth in winter too.

Janhvi Kapoor showed up in the cheerful shade as a showstopper and muse for Designer Amit Aggarwal at the Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour that whistlestopped through Hyderabad, Gurugram, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Check out the action that led up to the final Hyderabad runway moment.

IMAGE: Amit and Janhvi beaming minutes before the chaos kicks in.
The designer felt 'the neon skirt and bustier paired with a structured drape truly belonged to Janhvi, as much as she belonged to it'.
'Much like her name, which means river, she carried the outfit with an effortlessness and grace, second to none'.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Amit Aggarwal/Instagram


IMAGE: The actress, looking a luscious as a Valencia orange, stands patiently, as the designer and his team work on the fittings.


IMAGE: 'Janhvi found this outfit to be the highlight of the evening, the real highlight will always be her and all the love and light she holds,' says Amit.


IMAGE: Designer approval.


IMAGE: Janhvi in billowing orange overflows from the venue golf cart.


IMAGE: Wish her luck :)


IMAGE: Janhvi sweeps in.


IMAGE: Courtesy Janhvi, orange is the unofficial cool-girl colour of the cold days ahead.


IMAGE: Final moments where the colours are so bright you need shades.