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Sameera breaks down, reveals signs of anxiety in kids

March 31, 2020 15:30 IST

The 39 year old actor and mother of two shared 9 signs of deep anxiety in kids that parents need to watch out for.

Sameera Reddy breaks down, discusses signs of anxiety

During the lockdown, Sameera Reddy has taken to social media to talk about how her family is dealing with the crises.

The mother of two recently took to Instagram to share an important message for parents.

In the minute and half long video, the 39 year old actor broke down while discussing her own fears and insecurities as a parent.

'Children are finding it hard to process this situation,' she wrote in her post alongside the video.

'It hurts me that Hans (Sameera's eldest son) is exposed to the paranoia and fear,' Sameera said. 'But this is the new normal. And imagine if we feel anxiety they feel it even more.'

According to Sameera, these are some of the signs of deep anxiety in children

Sameera's message to parents is simple: 'Please be aware and communicate with your child. It’s important.'

'Keeping them busy is a good thing but talking to them and being honest about the situation is recommended. Make them feel safe. Lots of hugs and lots of patience.'

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