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Lockdown tips: Four experiments I taught my grandson

Last updated on: March 30, 2020 10:49 IST

We had asked you, dear readers, to tell us how you're keeping your kids busy indoors during the COVID-19 lockdown.
Rediff reader Palanki Suryanarayana, 75 a retired professor of civil engineering settled in Bengaluru, tells us how he is teaching science to his grandson.

Adithya does a science experiment

IMAGE: Adithya learns about magnetism using coins. Photograph: Palanki Suryanarayana

During the lockdown I taught my grandson some science.

The first experiment was about static electricity.

After vigorously rubbing an inflated balloon over his scalp, the balloon was raised a little above causing the hair to stick up. A truly hair raising experience!

The second experiment was about magnetism using a fridge magnet and some rupee coins.

The nickel coins were placed in a row touching each other and the magnet was brought near. The entire chain of coins stuck to the magnet.

Adithya learnt two things:

1. Nickel is a magnetic material

2. When attached to the magnet, the nickel coin itself becomes magnetic and can attract other coins.

I also learnt how nickel is still being used for minting coins, a practice I thought ended with the King George VI four anna pieces!

In the third experiment, we focused on the effect of sun's rays on the head of a match stick. We had placed some sticks on the dry leaves and used a convex lens to light it up.

Adithya learnt that light rays and heat rays have the same point of convergence.

After physics, we did a little bit of nature study.

My grandson learned about camouflage in nature by observing a butterfly disguised as a dry leaf of our potted plant.

Dear readers, tell us how are you keeping your kids busy at home?

Are you playing games, painting together or cooking?

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Palanki Suryanarayana