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World's stunning college campuses

Last updated on: January 07, 2015 10:00 IST

Why study in a classroom when you can do that in a gorgeous campus around you?

Presenting the world’s most beautiful college campuses in photographs.

We start off with the University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Oxford University

Image: Said Business School, Oxford University Photo credit:

One of the world's oldest universities and one that draws in two million visitors, it is made up of over 30 constituting colleges each with its own range of academic departments that are organised into four separate divisions.

Oxford's campus is popular the world over for The Sheldonian Theatre used for plays and music concerts, Christ Church Cathedral serving as both the college chapel and as a cathedral, and of course its beautiful Botanic Garden popular for its unique species of plants.

The university is also known for its stone glass windows and iconic stone archways.

Peking University, China

Peking University, China

Image: Peking University in winter Photo credit: Sehenswurdigkeiten/Wikimedia Commons

This Beijing-based university was established in 1898.

The campus is located in the urban Haidian District in Beijing, China.

It is one among the C9 League, an alliance of nine major universities in mainland China.

Known not only for its excellence in academics, but also renowned for its picturesque campus grounds, gardens ponds and traditional Chinese architecture that includes ornately carved walls and doorways, the 675-acre university campus is made up of over 30 constituting colleges and 12 departments.

Scripps College, USA

Scripps College, USA

Image: Scripps College, USA Photo credit:

Founded in 1920s, Scripps College Claremont, California owes its campus' popularity to its Mediterranean revival style architecture.

The campus boasts of beautiful greenery, two and three storied structures, stuccoed walls, red tiled roofs, iron balconies and arched windows and doors.

An all girls' college, Scripps is well-known for its core curriculum in interdisciplinary humanities which teaches students to think critically.

University of Cape Town, South Africa

University of Cape Town, South Africa

Image: A view of University of Cape Town Upper campus Photo credit: Adrian Frith/Wikimedia Commons

The University of Cape Town was established on October 1, 1829 and is located in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

Comprising of four suburban and two urban campuses, this public research university is the oldest in South Africa.

Located on the slopes of Devil’s Peak, the students of this university undoubtedly bask in the beauty and the glory of nature on an everyday basis.

The popularity of this college lies in its well rounded atmosphere which offers students an excellent academic foundation as well as a plethora of nature-based extracurricular activities like skiing and mountain biking.

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico

Central library, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico

Image: Central library, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico Photo credit: Maximiliano Monterrubio/Wikimedia Commons

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) is popular for its 20th century modern architecture.

A unique feature of this university is its 2.8 square mile city campus that has been collaboratively built by many of its art, architecture and engineering students.

One of the most striking and breathtaking works of art on the university campus is the Central Library mosaic mural made from tiles taken from different parts of Mexico, created by Juan O'Gorman.