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Study US: How to get admitted in a top university

August 06, 2016 08:03 IST

Overseas education consultant NNS Chandra shares advice on how to pick the right international education.

In an online chat with readers every Friday, overseas education consultant NNS Chandra offers advice on how to pick the right course and career abroad.

For those who missed the chat on August 5, here's the unedited transcript:

Arun Vadddari: I am applying to MIT this fall. I study in Delhi. CBSE. But have scored high in all math, computer science, physics exams from 5th grade on. Topper in class.

Me and friend of mine are working on a Math paper. What are my chances of getting admitted in MIT?

Do you know how many from India get interview? How many get accepted in the end?

NNS Chandra: Wow Arun. That is great. Congrats. What is your SAT score? Subject (SAT) score?

MIT is a very very selective school, selective in the sense that they are looking at a specific kind of student -- who will thrive in a campus like MIT.

Sruthi: After which I would do post-graduation in MBA most probably. So please help me sir.

Is it a good idea to do both graduation and post graduation in the USA?

And is it okay to take BBA coaching in India if you want to do BBA course in USA?

NNS Chandra: Hi Sruthi, I assume you are in high school and considering to study business administration for your university. Right?

Doing your under grad and graduation here in USA is a good idea. Will cost a small fortune and tremendous commitment to studies

I did not understand the question on BBA coaching.

To major in business administration in an under graduate programme you need to be a solid student in high school that is all, I did not understand the relevance of coaching.

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