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Scared of losing your job? This advice is for YOU

September 16, 2019 08:30 IST

'This is the age of the generalist -- the one who is jack of all trades and master of all. '
'A company likes a candidate who can do many jobs and save costs,' says Sridhar Ramakrishnan.


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In 2018, Sridhar Ramakrishnan quit his job as senior editor at the Times of India, a leading media organisation. He is now helping young professionals make wise career and life choices.

The Mumbai-based editor and 'solopreneur' recently shared an important message for youngsters that is being widely shared on Facebook.

This is what Sridhar wrote:

'It's scary to see the job losses all around and it's very distressing to see the jobless drifting into depression. I've always believed one should develop a second line of income that does not clash ethically and legally with your main job.

'It need not be a business: it could even be a hobby or passion that you could develop later. You can keep it on slow burn, and keep many such passions on slow burn, only to turn to when your main job is in jeopardy.

'If God forbid, you lose your job, or if your job stops providing you the value you seek, these other interests will cushion your fall and give you options to pursue other vocations.

'We don't realise that when a person gets a job, the name and identity matters. But when he is laid off, he is only a number.

'Ask any boss who has been asked to lay off people. The diktat usually reads -- We need x number of people from your team. Everyone has compulsions, including the owners and bosses, and blaming anyone is pointless.

'While the stats may be true, what is also true is that the notion of joblessness is ephemeral. A person who has not adapted to changing times and re-equipped himself/herself is usually out of a job.

'We often think our specialisation will hold its value. But in a world where your job value becomes obsolete in a matter of months, or when AI and robotics are waiting to take over, the sword of joblessness is bound to hang over us all the time.

'This is the age of the generalist -- the one who is jack of all trades and master of all. A company likes a candidate who can do many jobs and save costs. And for that, the candidate needs to equip himself/herself in everything that may not be even remotely connected with the career being pursued.

'I remember Bruce Lee's line -- "Be water, my friend. Take the shape of the container and keep flowing."

'The Internet offers such huge opportunities. You just to need to explore, be smart and understand the trend. And learn learn learn.

'It would be foolish to not explore the Net and rue a job loss where you never were in control anyways.'

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Sridhar Ramakrishnan