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#JobSearch: 'It's been two years and I am struggling'

Last updated on: May 20, 2015 18:51 IST
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As Prime Minister Narendra Modi completes a year in office we asked you, young job-seekers, to share stories of your job struggles.

In the first part of this series, Guddu Prasad, a PhD in material science, tells us how he is struggling to find a job in his expertise in Mumbai.

I have a doctorate in material science and searching for a job in research and development which everyone calls 'an important sector in any industry'.

Recently, I saw on television that some huge investment will be made in India to boost the manufacturing industries.

My question is where does all this money go to?

The so-called research and development is done outside India and they take all the processes from here. What they do here is copy.

It has been two years and I am still struggling to find a job in my expertise in Mumbai.

I was working in a leading company's research and development department in Mumbai.

Within a few months of joining the company, I was told that the company would be shifting to Gujarat and I wasn't given proper instructions.

If the company shifted, many of my colleagues would be jobless, so they started worrying.

I have also seen that there is less focus on research and development, particularly in small industries.

Big companies have good research and development facilities and they are doing well.

People like us who are struggling to get in research and development have difficulty in getting jobs in Mumbai.

I am sure there are many chemists and scientist freshers who have done BSc, MSc in chemistry and are not able to find the right jobs in Mumbai.

Some of these R&D firms are shifting their base, some are on the verge of closing down and do not have enough facilities. Some others are functioning in the name of testing.

Mumbai is slowly becoming an IT hub -- only the head offices of companies have remained here.

I just want to say that people who have a technical background and who really want to develop, they should make products which can be called 'Make in India' and not 'Made in China'. This is the need of the hour.

Dear young job-seekers, have the achche din arrived for you in terms of finding a job? Or is finding a job as difficult as it was earlier?

What have been your greatest challenges in finding a job?

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