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Admission process at the ISB

July 27, 2011 16:13 IST

In a chat with Get Ahead readers, A M Kannan, Director -- Admissions and Financial Aid at the ISB -- answered queries related to the admission process at the Indian School of Business.

Here is the unedited chat transcript:

Vishal asked, Hello sir, i am an MBA from a university in TN & have 7 yrs of work ex. Currently employed at mid-mngt level in a stock broking firm. Will the 1 yr program @ ISB help me? Are scholarships avlb? Is there any other program that u wud recommend?

A M Kannan answers,  at 2011-06-09 15:00:37We have had students with similar background to yours and with similar work experience who have benefitted from ISB.There are scholarships ranging from Rs. 3.0 Lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs available from ISB. Apart from this there are corporate scholarships available.

IIMA asked, I hv 2 yrs of work ex. GMAT Score 730, IITD Chemical. Can I expect ISB
A M Kannan answers, Your profile is competitive. You need to apply with your essays and other details. We shortlist based on these for the interview. Interview performance is also considered at the time of making the admissions offer

Aryan asked, Hello, I'm a working in an IT company since 4 years now in a technical field. But I would like to move into investment banking/consulting, can you please advice me the scope from ISB.
A M Kannan answers, About 25% of our class are from the IT/ITES background. A number of them get into consulting both business consulting and Technology consulting post the ISB programme.

shai asked, hi a working professional ..age 37 ex is 15+ operations there is distatnt learning course or somehting which will help me
A M Kannan answers, We do not offer a distance learning programme. We do have a programme for senior professionals like you - the PGPMAX programme. You can visit our website for more details on the same

vv asked, hi, kindly tell the addmission prcedure for 2 yrs course.
A M Kannan answers, Ours is a one year full time programme and not a two year programme

Saurabh asked, Hi, this is Saurabh here. MBA (in the year 2005) from a 2nd rung b school, with post MBA work ex of 6.5 years in the Insurance industry (across different roles). Prior to that I used to give tuitions to school students (upto Class 10), for 2 years. I have 2 questions: 1.I want to do an MBA, in order to improve my skill sets and to brighten the career prospects. Will my earlier MBA degree prove to be a hindrance? 2.Will my 2 years of giving tuitions to school children, count as genuine work experience?
A M Kannan answers, 1. The earlier MBA is not a hinderance. Close to 5% of our batch have done an MBA before. 2. If the teaching experience is full time it will be counted.

satyan asked, Hi, I am a working professional with a work ex of 13 years in finance. I am working in a leading finance company with annual package of approximaqtely Rs 36 lakhs. I intend to do my second MBA. I want to know how the placement of ISB would be for a student like me
A M Kannan answers, We do have people with your background in the class. The placement process for people with high experience is a fairly engaging one with companies interacting with the students multiple times and hence can take time. Such students do get offers that are to their liking

mbaspirant asked, Good Evening sir,I am planning to reapply to ISB.I want to know can i have my recos from my previous boss as my assignment changed 5 months back. i also want to stress that my previous boss had retired from the Company so i dont have his official company mail id.
A M Kannan answers, Yes you can have your recos from your previous boss. You can opt for an offline evaluation.

dev asked, Hello Sir, I am a M.S (passed from India's most prestigious school) who is having a work ex of 4 years (as of now) in core R7D unit of a top Indian Pharma company and I am planning to apply for MBA to improve my skills and for better career prospects ISB for batch of 2013 (with total exp of 5 + years. I would like to ask you that does working in core R&D will affect my chances of getting admission or not.
A M Kannan answers, Your industry does not necessarily determine your chances. It is what you have achieved that will determine your chances. Show case your achievements when you apply.

GMATTERs asked, Hi Sir, Welcome to the chat room.My question is, now that ISB is flooded with applications from civil servants, docs and army personnel, what is scope do engineers or non engg with good GMAT and work exp hold to make it to ISB? Is there any split that is maintained by ISB?
A M Kannan answers, The majority of our applications continue to come from traditional fields like engineering, science and commerce. Our class profile mirrors that of the applicant pool. We do not predecide the class profile.

kanodiagaurav asked, Hello Sir, I want to ask you that why is it that ISB is conducting a 1 yr. PGP program, while other top B schools in its league conduct 2 yr. program, in spite of the students having prior work ex.
A M Kannan answers, The one year programme is based on a survey that we did before we started and the findings clearly established that a one year programme was a preferred choice.

raman asked, hi , i am having total 6 years of exp into sales & marketing industry & i am ICWA. But i do not have sufficient funds to enroll myself for ISB. Is there any scholarship available , if yes, then what's the procedure.
A M Kannan answers, BOth merit and need based scholarships are available. This range from Rs. 3 lakhs to 10 lakhs

sanjay asked, Sir, Is it true that ISB takes the average of the last three GMAT scores , for the cut-off?
A M Kannan answers, We only take the highest score and there are no cut offs. Current class GMAT range is from 600 to 780

Rajender asked, How much wieghtage is given to GMAT score? The standard answer is that there is no minimum GMAT score and if one's profile is great - low GMAT scores are accepted. However, the average and mean data shows 720+. So, how important is GMAT score on a scale of 10?
A M Kannan answers, The overall GMAT score weightage is not very high. However the avereage GMAT score of the class is also dependent on the average GMAT score of the applicant pool.

rakesh asked, I am a MTech(IT) holder with 4 years exp in a top MNC. Should i apply or do i need more experience
A M Kannan answers, 4 years is good enough experience to apply.

vva asked, Work Ex - 4 years in Financial Research and analytics, B.Tech IIT Bombay, GMAT 650. Should i go ahead with this GMAT score to apply?
A M Kannan answers, Really depends on the quality of your achievements at your work place. Would recommend that you improve your GMAT if possible

Sriram asked, Mr Kannan, I have over 11+ yrs work ex currently in a Sr Managerial role managing a IT business. I am interested in Strategy, Business Process Consulting and Finance/Ops streams. Does ISB have Electives which can help me gain more perspective on these areas?
A M Kannan answers, We do have elevtives in all the areas you have mentioned

sb asked, Hello Sir, I am a software Engineer with 6 years of experience, I have worked with Investment banks for more than two year. Whats a good GMAT score, 700+ ? Also how is the admission process at ISB different from other B schools in India and abroad.
A M Kannan answers, We look at the past academic record, the GMAT score, the work experience both quantity and quality, personality through the essays and the recommendations before we take a call. Significantly we do not have a cuttoff score for any of our parameters

HariPuttar asked, What can be done to strengthen one's profile if the college/percentages are not good enough ?
A M Kannan answers, YOu can off set this by getting a relatively high GMAT score

sanjay asked, Sir , When is the best time to give GMAT considering the admissions in ISB ?
A M Kannan answers, GMAT is valid for 5 years. You can give it when you are ready

yaatri asked, Hi Kannan, Hope you are enjoying this chat.I am an IIT grad and currently running a small company. I wish to appear for ISB, would it be possible to study at ISB as well as operate my company.?
A M Kannan answers, Given teh intensity of the programme it will be difficult to do so

HariPuttar asked, I am a Pune Uni graduate in IT and have been in Infosys for 4.5 years. I am yet take my GMAT. Kindly also guide on the process to apply effectively at ISB.
A M Kannan answers, Work on your essays and get all the other material you need for the application in place. Take the GMAT and apply

pramod asked, Hi I did my BSc Computers and having 3.5 years experien ce as a Sr Test Analyst into IT ( Testing Services) in Healthcare Domain and doing MBA from ISB is always my aspiration. I'm having two aspiration's which insisted me to do an MBA at this point of time I have two career aspects in my mind which I'm passionate about doing: 1) I would like to work in Strategy and Communications department in an HR Sector as I'm good at managing and communications which I adopted during my college days by participating in various campus related activities and continued the same level of interest in current Organization in various aspects. 2) As I have worked on Health Care domain, I would like to become "Business Analyst/Consultant" by doing MBA which helps me analyzing how to develop and gather new requirements according to market needs which connects the people need and indeed in business growth.
A M Kannan answers, People do get into General Management roles post ISB. As far as your health care domain interest is concerned we will be offering electives in this area in Mohali from next year

praveen asked, hi sir wht is the course fee
A M Kannan answers, Rs. 18.50 lakhs is the tuition fee

Sunny asked, Hello Sir, I am 3rd year B.Tech student. I have cleared the first round of the ISB YLP. I am currently preparing for GMAT. What would be a competitive score to get through Stage 2.
A M Kannan answers, This depends on the average of the applicant pool and is difficult to comment on right now

samstallion asked, if a fresh graduate were to do well in all the levels (gmat, essays, interview, etc) would he still have lesser prospects than other experienced professionals, in gaining admission?
A M Kannan answers, We do prefer people with work experience.

h77 asked, Hello Sir, i have got a gmat score of 680 and have work experience of 1 yr in an IT company. I have a decent extra curricular activity record. What are my chances pursuing an MBA at ISB ? Thnx
A M Kannan answers, You need one more year before you can apply to ISB.

Prateek asked, Sir, I have 6.5 yrs It exp, initial 3.5 yrs into technical side and then as a business analyst and PMO experience.. could you comment on the profile.. also what needs to be done to increase your chances of getting a call assuming a person has 700+ GMAT score..
A M Kannan answers, This is not a forum for a personal evaluation. All I can say is that your profile is competitive.

nitin asked, Dear Sir, I completed my graduation in 2009 with distinction. As of now i am working in the Telugu film industry as an assistant director under a National award winning director "Sekhar Kammula" Working as assistant director is considered as work EX?? Do guys from film background stand any chance in getting admission into ISB?? W
A M Kannan answers, As long as your experience is full time it is considered. We had an actress last class

alok asked, hello i am scientist with 8 year experience Now i want to persue mba as i found various aspect of finance during halding various project attracting and challanging. Will after pursuing mba frm ur institute led me job in consultancy.
A M Kannan answers, Cracking a consulting job is a function of how you prepare for the interview, the electives you choose, the clubs you join at the school. There were students in our previous classes with profile like yours who have cracked a consulting assignment

vikas asked, Hi Mr Kannnan.. I Would like to understand how the work experience is considered for the admission process in ISB . Is it the managerial experience which is required or just the work experince which is considered for admission..
A M Kannan answers, It dosen't really matter if you are an lone ranger or a manager. All that matters is what have you done in that role.

raj asked, Hello Mr Kannan, I have a BSC degree and MSC (IT) distance education. I have around 12 years of exp in IT and currently working as Project Manager in a reputed IT company. Can I 1. take admission in iSB 2. What course you would suggest me
A M Kannan answers, 1. yes you can apply. 2. The electives that you choose are a function of your career interests.

raghav asked, does a prior mba is counted as an experience if person again wants to do an mba after 4-5 years in job or business to enrich himself
A M Kannan answers, prior mba is not an counted as experience. it is an educational experience.

zxc asked, How does ISB compare (purely in terms of education & placements) to other universities across the world (like IE, INSEAD, HBS etc)?
A M Kannan answers, Our placements have been on par with top schools across the world. And ranking in top 20 of Financial times london is a testimony of our course offering and alumni progression.

abhi_eliz asked, Good Afternoon Sir! My question if a student low in Gmat score but high in his performance in career applies what will be his chance to get selected?
A M Kannan answers, As long as your work achievements are stellar, you stand a chance for shorlist for an interview.

nihar asked, i passed from bits pillani in the year 2010 and i am working since may 2010 can i apply for 2012
A M Kannan answers, yes. you can. if your total work exp at the time of joining the course is 2 years min.

as asked, Sir does ISB has executive MBA too
A M Kannan answers, yes. please visit our website.

sanjeeb asked, hi sir.i M having 14 yrs bitechonogly experinece working in an MNC in DGM position wanted to enroll 1 yr part time programme pls suggest
A M Kannan answers, yes, you can apply to us. people with more than 8 yrs of experience constitute close to 15% of the batch.

sri asked, Hi Sir, I wanted to know whether CA articleship in big 4 audit firm is counted towards work ex at ISB
A M Kannan answers, articleship is not counted as work experience at the ISB.

pratheeshrajan asked, Hello Kannan, I have 6+ years of experience in banking domain, I also posses 6 sigma Black Belt certification. Right now I'm in banking operations but would like to move in to business engineering or QA domain. Is there any courses ISB ofereing which will suit my interest?
A M Kannan answers, We have concentrations in operations, finance and IT for you to pursue.

joymalya asked, Hi sir I have a work ex of 5 years in IT ..have done B tech and MBA much Gmat score should I have to get a chance in your institution
A M Kannan answers, our range for the last two years has been 600 - 780.

deniedMBAman asked, 1) There is a saying wrt ISB that ISB is not comparable to other International institutes compared to pedagogy & culture. Is it True? 2) ISB is said to be tough to get in...for an average guy with a lot of co curricular exprnc...can the tough part become easy???? Plz try n answr
A M Kannan answers, Our selectivity ratio is 8:5:1. which means for every 8 applicants, 5 are interviewed and 1 gets in.

BKC asked, Sir, Why is ISB increasing seats and also opening new college in Mohali? Isn't that dilutes the brand value of the ISB? It will be very difficult to place such huge batch with salaries at expected levels
A M Kannan answers, we have increased our class size gradually over years at hyd at a very steady rate from 129 in 2001 to 570 now. we have been able consistently maintain selectivity ratio and also place all the students well. Mohali is a part of the same growth intitative.

aaditya asked, Hello sir, I am Aaditya doing graduation in media science...I want to know from you what are my chances to do mba and how will it help me. I want to pursue my studies in advertisement?
A M Kannan answers, you need to first get a minimum of 2 yrs of work exp. try your hand at joinig ad agencies as this wil lhelp you get an exposure in the same field.

Nandeesh asked, Hello Mr.Kannan, Is it necessary to have GMAT score to get admitted to ISB; or experience in professional field with more than 12+ years is eligible to apply.
A M Kannan answers, GMAT is one of the pre-requisites. And yes, you can apply with 12 yrs of your work ex.

kanodiagaurav asked, sir, with a gmat score of 680, with 4+ yrs. of work ex. in grassroots oil refinery, chem. engineer from itbhu, + passed all 3 levels of international cfa, what r my chances at isb
A M Kannan answers, your profile is competitive. I cannot comment beyond this.

Vamshig asked, Hello Sir, Howdy!!!
A M Kannan answers, fine. howdyoudo

sanjeeb asked, and what will be cost of course.Pls inform sir.
A M Kannan answers, Rs 18.5 lakhs is the tution fee.

Ankit asked, Hi, On what parameters a candidate's profile is evaluated by the adcom?
A M Kannan answers, we look at your past academic records, your work experience in both quality and quantity and your interview perofrmance if shortlisted. GMAT score is a part of your academic performance.

as asked, i have an engineering and law degree with around 18 yrs of experience, am i eligible for admission
A M Kannan answers, yes. you are very much eligible to apply.

New asked, Sir, I have around 8 years of IT engineering exp whihc include around 3 years of internation exp. my gamt score is 670 and have recommendation from previous bosses... what are my chances of interview call... no major Extracali or social works
A M Kannan answers, your profile looks competitive. it depends on how well you articulate your work experience in your essays.

naman asked, Do we see intake for ISB Mohali Campus this year?
A M Kannan answers, yes. we will have 210 students joining in April 2012.

kkk asked, Hi sir , I have rich experience in top IT company with fast promotions and also hold WMP from IIM Lucknow , having total 7 years of experience , does it make sense if I do PGP from ISB to attain good placement
A M Kannan answers, It depends on what you intend to do post ISB. yes, you can apply.

raghav asked, is business as good work ex as job?
A M Kannan answers, Yes. very much.

enggstudent asked, Is there emphasis on other aspects of one's personality like social service, extra curricular activities during education and work and having other talents for eg. sports, music etc?
A M Kannan answers, we look for a well rounded personality. and social service, etc dose give us a perspective of your personality.

taklu asked, Hi, I have completed my MS and have 9 years experience in the Software field. If I get good GMAT points, what are the chances in getting admissions in ISB?
A M Kannan answers, your chances depend on how you put your profile to us thorugh your application. GMAT is a part of our overall assesement.

sanjay asked, Hello Sir , Can you throw some light on the essays that you are talking about and where can these essays be used upon?
A M Kannan answers, pls log on to our application portal by clicking on "Apply now" link at

sanjay asked, Sir , Do ISB has any elective pertaining to OIL / Energy Industry ?
A M Kannan answers, Not specifically. Our electives are not industry specific.

jehangeer asked, hello sir, i m a civil engineer, did BE from a local engineering college in srinagar. Have almost 6 years of working exprience. currently i m working as junior engineer in J&K gud r my hances to gt into ISB. wt is he process of admission?
A M Kannan answers, you stand as much chance as every other applicant. showcase your capabilities in the application.

shruthi asked, hi, i have 2 years work exp. my academic record(X-91%,XII-95.3%,Graduation-81%). can i expect to get admission into ISB? how much emphasis is laid on extra curricular achievements during the admission process?
A M Kannan answers, we look for well rounded perosnality and to that extent extra curriculars will help highlight the same.

madhunrsc asked, what is the best specilisation for a person of having 13 years of experiance in Remote Sensing Technology with BE (civil) and M.Tech (Remote Sensing)
A M Kannan answers, really depends on what you want to do post ISB.would request you to write into to know more.

kanodiagaurav asked, sir, will the faculty for north india campus be diff. from that at hyd. campus
A M Kannan answers, we have a pool of visiting and resident faculty which will teach at both campuses.

arav asked, I have 8+ years of experience in IT industry with several consulting / managerial positions. An MBA degree from tier 2 b school. I am also a blogger with annual hits of 1,00,000+ on my website. Do you think this would go well with 650+ GMAT score.
A M Kannan answers, your profile looks interesting. depends on how you highlight your achievements to us.

as asked, what is the average CTC of ISB placements
A M Kannan answers, last year, the 80% mean was Rs 17.94 lakhs. this doesn't include our international placements.

Rahul asked, Hi, I am into my family business... are there any electives in ISB specifically for export/import management
A M Kannan answers, we have a specialisation in entrepreneurship for you to explore.

Rajasekhar asked, Whats the max. age limit for admission??
A M Kannan answers, thereis no max age limit. we had a 52 year old in our class coupleo of years back.

venkatramanan asked, what are the various streams available for MBA ? What time does the admission window open and how many students do you take totally?
A M Kannan answers, we have more than 8 elective streams available. admissions are now open. cycle one closes on sept 15, 2011 and cycle 2 closes on nov 30, 2011. we will take 770 students across hyd and mohali campus.

Prakhar asked, Dear Sir, I am qualified as a Chartered Accountant and have a pre - qualification work experience of 3 yeras and post qualification work ex of 1 year. Am i eligible to get an admission to ISB
A M Kannan answers, you would need one more year before you can apply to ISB.

SiddharthMishra asked, Hello Sir I am have 1 plus year of experience as Business Analyst & Sales of Web based ERP selling only for Indian SMEs(4cr turnover to 40 Cr) only. Almost how much year experience I should have to be into ISB and as professional what should be my approach going forwards in future to get into ISB?
A M Kannan answers, you should have a minimum of 2 years.

prasad asked, Dear Mr. Kannan, I am a Mechanical engineer and working in IT industry from part 8 years in tier1 companies and have good experience in executing various projects in different roles. Also I have been at the clients place many times in Europe.Considering this experience what do you think would be the good GMAT score to get through ISB?
A M Kannan answers, our range has been 600 - 780.

prasadvs asked, Hello, Can you let me know the criteria for awarding scholarships apart from the income levels?Is the GMAT score one of the criteria for awarding scholarships? Thx
A M Kannan answers, GMAT is not a criteria for scholarships.

akbrahma asked, Wish to inquire on oppurtunities available for those aiming to get a job in Investment banking. Can you shed some light on the same as they prefer to recruit only from those among their summer associate program.
A M Kannan answers, most IB companies prefer recruiting from summer program. but we do have some of them coming and recruiting from iSB.

kamlesh asked, Sir, i have 6 years of experience and have done Hotel Management. Does Background as such matters into selection process
A M Kannan answers, yes.

kanodiagaurav asked, sir, in what role do ISB students get placed in manufacturing industries
A M Kannan answers, roles could be ops manager, stragey roles, supply chain among others.

Amit Dalal asked, Sir, I have done BE and MBA, working as a Dy. Manager(contracts and materials management) for past three years in a PSU. Do you think one year ISB degree can give a boost to my career. Please suggest.
A M Kannan answers, yes. it can. pls write into to speak to students with profiles similar to yours.

SiddharthMishra asked,  Hello Sir I am have 1 plus year of experience as Business Analyst & Sales of Web based ERP selling only for Indian SMEs(4cr turnover to 40 Cr) only. Almost how much year experience I should have to be into ISB and as professional what should be my approach going forwards in future to get into ISB?
A M Kannan answers, i have answered this.

MYK asked, Hi, I am a Physician by education (MBBS) and training and working in the niche Clinical Research field for the past 5 years and have grown from a Coordinator level to Manager. My GMAT score is 640. What are the facets of the application (I mean the criteria considered by ISB to offer admission).
A M Kannan answers, how you project your experience will determine your shortlist.

pramod asked, Sir, I would like to know about Loan criteria. Only on the basis of Admission Letter are the banks going to provide the loans or do we need to show any assets guarantee for getting the loan sanctioned.
A M Kannan answers, the admission letter is good enough.

rah asked, Hi, I have 3.9 years of experience in IT.Now I want to switch to another field .Would one year course would be suffice and useful enough to learn about new stream in comparison to two year course?Please tell me your suggestion.
A M Kannan answers, our past record seems to suggest it is good enough.

andspeed asked, Good evening Mr. Kannan. I have a question. Could you please let me know whether ISB allows a person to defer his/her admission for the next academic year. i.e suppose one gets admit to the ISB classes starting in 2012 but is unable to join due to personal/financial constraints, will ISB allow him to join for the 2013 classes?. Thank you. Your response is much apreciated - Anand
A M Kannan answers, yes.

andspeed asked, Good evening Mr. Kannan. I have a question. Could you please let me know whether ISB allows a person to defer his/her admission for the next academic year. i.e suppose one gets admit to the ISB classes starting in 2012 but is unable to join due to personal/financial constraints, will ISB allow him to join for the 2013 classes?. Thank you. Your response is much apreciated - Anand
A M Kannan answers, yes. depends on the resaon though.

Mustafa asked, Dear Sir, It is difficult for me to arrange around 20 lakhs for the course at ISB. Can you please let me know what is the maximum scholarship i can avail and the criteria for this?
A M Kannan answers, maximum schol you can get from ISB is Rs 10 lakhs which depends on your merit.

Hanisha asked, Hello Sir, I am a BBM graduate & i'm currently working. what is the minimum number of years i would need as work experience to apply for ISB? Also, would I be eligible for the Young leaders programme?
A M Kannan answers, 2 years. you cannot apply to YLP as you are already a graduate.

Nick asked, Hi Sir...I have a work ex of close to 3 years in the IT industry and have a decent academic record. I have been into lots of extra ciricullar activities and also work with an NGO for child education. Can I apply to ISB or should I gather more work ex?
A M Kannan answers, yes. you can apply.

krishna397 asked, Hi Sir the i have been through ISB program in IT management and i want to build my carrier in IT enterprenuership , DOES ISB requires prior enterprenuel experience
A M Kannan answers, we require work exp. and this canbe in job are as a self employed role.

A M Kannan says, 

shruhti asked, PLEASE ANSWER:hi, My Academic REcord is (X-91%,XII-95.3,Engineering(MEch)-81.2%) can i expect to get admission into ISB? how much emphasis is laid on extracurricular achievements during the admission process?? is a knowledge of the financial domain a prerequisite?
A M Kannan answers, i have answered the first bit. knowledge of financial domain is not a pre-requisite.

Dip asked, Dear Mr. Kannan, I have almost 7 years of IT experience, close to 2.5 years on-site experience and GMAT score 690... Do you think I have a fair chance to get into ISB?
A M Kannan answers, yes. you do.

kunslkrish asked, Hello Kannan, I would request if you can highlight consulting and strategy aspect of ISB MBA. Does ISB offer something in this front?
A M Kannan answers, close to 35% of our batch last year was placed in consulting roles spread across strategic, business and tech consulting.

swapnil asked, Sir I have done ICWAI after postgraduation, and and for last 5yrs i am working with PSU bank as a credit manager. My academics are average what are my chances to get in ISB
A M Kannan answers, you need to highlight your work achievements to us in yuor appl. Get a competitive score and apply.

jk asked, I have 7+ years of experience as DBA, Can I apply for ISB without GMAT ?
A M Kannan answers, you need a GMAT score to apply.

ABDida asked, Mr. Kannan what is the minimum work experience that is considered good enough to crack ISB. Also do you prere experience in any particular work fields??
A M Kannan answers, 2 years. work exp in any fied is fine.

MD asked, Hi Kannan, What would be the chances of a candidate having 7+ yrs of workex in Semiconductor industry, managing a product globally and a GMAT score of 640
A M Kannan answers, your role seems interesting. as long as you ca nhighlight it in your application, its fine. my recommendation is to improve your GAMT score relatively.

sumit asked, Can we apply again to ISB if once not selected, with the same GMAT score next year and more work ex
A M Kannan answers, yes. asked, please reply????Hi Sir, I am qualified CA, May 2006 batch and has post qualification experience of 5 years with Ernst & Young(A Big 4 CA firm), have performed well and secured promotion and career satisfaction but still lagging behind in effective communication as done my graduation and CA cource in hindi medium, may not compete in essay writing with colleagues of mine, wants to know my chances in getting admission in ISB.please reply Regards
A M Kannan answers, communication skills are important as long as you are in a position to put your point across convincingly in your application and across the table.

pprrss asked, mr kannan answer my question also sir i am bds and fresher. i donot have work experience. Do u have any course in management where I can get admission?
A M Kannan answers, no. we require a minimum of 2 yrs of exp to get admission in 1 yr programme of the ISB.

A M Kannan says, Ok guys. Thats it from us. Thank you for your questions. For more help, pls write into us at