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5 ways to impress your boss

October 12, 2014 14:17 IST

Follow them and see how it helps you improve your standing in the office

Be a thorough professional

It is always good to do some homework before you enter office and plan your agenda for the day. Keep yourself updated with current affairs and also relevant information about your work place and boss without snooping into personal details that do not concern you.

Conduct yourself respectfully and courteously. Do not indulge in mindless gossip with anyone at work, including your employer.

Learn time management

It is always better to be 10 minutes early at work and take control of the situation before it controls you.

You need to work smart and sincere. Time management skills always come handy.

Dress smart

It takes only 30 seconds to make an impression. So make sure you put your best foot forward. However light or casual the atmosphere of your office, make an effort to dress neat and formal. Keep make up minimal and hair neat. Facial hair is an absolute no for women.

Cleanliness and neatness is the key. Wear cool colours as they give an impression of distance. No low cut tops or low waist saris. Skirt should be knee length or below. Kurtas below the hips and no garish colours or prints.

Wear clean and smart shoes. Pointed shoes give an illusion of length and authority. Avoid heels more than two inches or very noisy shoes.

It's worth investing in light summer jackets and team them with skirts or trousers for a more formal look.

Avoid very tight clothes that reveal your figure.

Conduct yourself with dignity and class and be ensured of the same treatment from your boss and colleagues.


It doesn't have to be complicated. However there are certain things that can be avoided in public as they can harm your image completely.

Being polite, soft spoken and not complaining definitely gets you the rewards.

Be respectful and empathetic to people around you.

Formally it is always good manners to be punctual, yield respectful courtesies to colleagues or people in a gathering. Being organised and prepared creates a name for you.

Keep your religious and political views neutral.

Effective communication

Whether it’s verbal or written, communicating ideas and replies, meeting deadlines that your boss sets are a must.

Effective communication and your efficiency at work will help you gain the confidence of your boss.

Online or verbal, craft your messages well and concisely. Choose your tone and words accordingly.

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Malini Hemlani is an image consultant with Krstal Klear Image and Colour Me Beautiful. She is a Colour Stylist and make up artiste and contributes to, an online journal that covers various genres like lifestyle, health and fitness and technology for Indian consumers.

Malini Hemlani