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Bhanwar Singh's Puran Poli Recipe

February 22, 2022 13:24 IST

Holi is still a month away, but if you are craving for Puran Polis, here's Chef Bhanwar Singh's classical recipe.

Made with tur dal, or chana dal, this Indian flatbread, which is sweetened with sugar or jaggery and flavoured with cardamom, is popular in western and central India and parts of the south too. Even Parsis eat a cake variation of it called Dar ni Pori.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Khandani Rajdhani

Puran Poli

Serves: 3-4


For the dough

For the filling

For serving


To make the dough

To make the filling

To make the puran poli

Note: The sugar can replaced with jaggery if preferred. And a few tbsp fresh grated coconut and/or saffron and/or saunth or dried ginger powder may be added to filling.

Puran Polis may be served with fresh coconut milk too, an excellent vegan option. For a gluten-free version, opt to replace the whole wheat flour with oats flour. The wheat flour can also be swapped for maida. Haldi is sometimes added to the atta dough.

Maharaj Bhanwar Singh is the corporate chef at Khandani Rajdhani.