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Best relationship advice: 'It's never you vs him'

By Shreya Narayanan
March 08, 2020 09:27 IST
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We'd asked you, dear readers, to tell us about the best relationship advice you got.
Here, Rediff reader Shreya Narayanan shares her story.

Best relationship advice: 'It

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Honestly I've never had the need to talk about my relationship with anybody. Touch wood! because it's going great.

But I remember a phase when my husband and I were going through a tough time. We were almost on the verge of breaking up.

I was as usual scrolling through my phone on Instagram, and suddenly my eyes were glued to my screen.

The screen read: 'It's never you vs him. It's always you two vs the problem.'

As simple as it sounded, not many implement it.

We tend to aggregate the problem so much that we forget that we have to fight the problem together like a team.

It's not player 1 vs player 2 but always you both vs the main boss, the problem.


Dear readers, what is the best relationship advice you got?

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Shreya Narayanan
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