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Bend It Like Anjali Lama

July 19, 2021 15:23 IST

Anjali Lama has been sharing snippets of her yoga routine on Instagram to show off some of the insane poses she has nailed.

'Health comes first, so stay healthy, physically and mentally,' says the model as she motivates fans to be positive and safe.

IMAGE: Anjali stretches it out as she begins her day with yoga.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Anjali Lama/Instagram


IMAGE: While she has been focusing on yoga and meditation, 'eating healthy food and (getting) good sleep is her first priority.'


IMAGE: This is what ardha matsyendrasana or the half fish pose looks like from different angles.


IMAGE: Anjali does the king of yoga postures, sirsasana or the headstand effortlessly.


IMAGE: Ustrasana or the camel pose provides flexibility and mobility to the body.


IMAGE: Anjali attempts halasana or the plow pose, which is known to strengthen, stretch and relax the body.

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