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Auckland To Lakkihalli: Har Ghar Tiranga

Last updated on: August 09, 2022 17:02 IST

We'd asked you this morning to send us your pictures about how you will celebrate the Tiranga this 75th Independence Day.

Presenting the first set of responses we've received.

Tiranga responses

"The Indian Flag is our pride," says D N Basavaraj Marabanahalli who sent us this photograph from Lakkihalli, Karnataka, with M B Anoop and M B Aadya.

"India will be a developed nation in a few years," asserts Basavaraj. "Our human resource is highly committed towards working hard to reach the set goals. We are happy that because of our soldiers, we are living safely. Jai Hind Jai Kisan."


Tiranga responses

Dharmesh Acharya shows us how he celebrates the special day with his family in Auckland, New Zealand.


Tiranga responses

Syed Abbas from Lucknow sent us pictures of his children with the Tiranga.

Abbas' daughter Zainab Abidi (above) is all smiles outside the Husainabad Bazaar Gateway in Lucknow in this photograph clicked on Independence Day 2019 when she was 12.

"Zainab is a student at the One World International School, Singapore. But for her and family, no days can be better than being in India on Independence Day," her father adds.

Tiranga responses

"This is India. Ultimate blend of culture and nationalism," Abbas describes this picture featuring his son Areeb Abidi who also lives in Singapore.

Areeb, who will turn 7 this year, shows his rakhi and the Tricolour in this throwback photograph from 2019.

Dear readers, how will you celebrate your Tiranga this 75th Independence Day?

Will you unfurl it outside your window? Or raise it on your terrace? Will you choose to wear it on your person?

Please share your pride in the Tiranga with the world. Mail your picture, with you and the National Flag, to (Subjectline: My Tiranga), along with your NAME and the place where you LIVE.