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Should I quit my job to teach underprivileged children?

Last updated on: December 01, 2023 16:42 IST

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Illustration by Uttam Ghosh

Illustration: Uttam Ghosh/

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Praveen: Hi Guru, I have a total of 25+ years of experience out of which 7+ years are in the mechanical industry and 18 years as a SAP consultant.
Nowadays I hear a lot about independent directors. I want to know what the job responsibilities of an independent director are.
Can I become an independent director of a company?
Is it the right time to shift a career from SAP consulting to another one?

Dear Praveen, independent director is a position which is mandatory for any limited company to keep on its board.

The position is created and selected by the company itself.

You should have some relationship with a limited company, preferably a listed one, so that you could be appointed as an independent director.

SAP has a great future. I would suggest continuing in this field as you already have 18 years of experience in SAP.


Shaikh: Hello Sir, I served as an assistant professor for two years and also worked as a freelance trainer for two years.
I have been a full-time technical trainer for almost three years. Teaching being my passion, I am enjoying my journey.
I am earning well too but I am not satisfied (not because of money).
I want use my skills and passion for underprivileged students and motivate them to gain a quality education. I genuinely want to make a difference in our society by providing affordable education to the youths.
I am clear with the vision and I have the expertise in the IT training domain.
So I want to start my own institute and offer high-end courses at affordable cost.
I am not sure how it will work. Not sure whether it’s the right decision in terms of financial planning too. But I genuinely want to help people by using my skills for students, not for corporate people. Please guide.

Dear Shaikh, I understand that you have a passion for teaching underprivileged children. This is a very good thing to do.

I would suggest you continue with your current profession and use your spare time to teach them.

You must take care of your financial security as there would be no one to help you when you face a financial crisis.


Srikanth: Hi, I am a 38-year-old aspiring data scientist but don’t have relevant experience in it.
I want to start my career in this data science field. Due to the age gap, career gap and irrelevant job experience, I am not getting responses from companies I applied to.
I want to work as a data scientist. I want to know if any work from home jobs are available (due to family issues, I prefer WFH jobs).
Plz guide me.

Dear Srikanth, the WFH concept is diminishing day by day.

Most of the companies have withdrawn their complete WFH model and are now operating in a hybrid mode.

You have to be open for a job which can be performed from the office.

For a data scientist job, please keep looking for it in a consistent manner and I am sure that you will definitely get one.