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Ask MF Guru: 'Where should I invest Rs 15k in SIPs?'

October 04, 2022 09:30 IST

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Sudhir Chauhan: I am investing in following Mutual Funds for the long term. Kindly advice on the same. I am not getting a reasonable return in Axis Bluechip fund and UTI flexi fund. I am 50 years of age.

Also I want to invest 15000 (monthly) more through SIP. Which schemes should I invest in?

 Total: 34000

Nikunj Saraf: Hello Sudhir Chauhan. Based on your age and your requirements, I can see that your risks diversification is well maintained. Regarding your question about whether the schemes are good or not. I can see there is over diversification in your current portfolio. Try to concise your portfolio.

Also for additional sips, increase your amount in existing folios itself in categories like large cap, midcap and flexi cap. You can introduce new SIPs in large & mid cap category. Axis Bluechip Fund & UTI Flexi cap fund can be hold. 

Dipanjan Guha: Hi Sir, I am 37 yrs old and very new to mutual fund and SIP. I want to build a corpus of 3 cr. by the age of 60. Also I would need 30 lakh for my child’s education in next 14 years. What should I do plz advice?

Nikunj Saraf: Hi Dipanjan Guha. Thanks for discussing your requirements and future goals.

For the goal of 3 Cr., you can start sip in mf of around Rs.15000 in categories like large & midcap, Flexicap, Mid cap and Small cap etc.

Starting with Rs 6,000 on a monthly basis can help you achieve the Child Education goal.

Someshwar s sharma: Sir, I am 52 Yrs old self employed have some investment in mutual funds of about 30 lakh wants to invest around same amount for my retirement. I still plan to work 5-7 years and can add 3-5 lakh a year request to advice the funds for same.

Nikunj Saraf: Hello Someshwar. As you are going forward to the retirement phase of your life, I would suggest you start reducing your risk appetite to low & moderate risk mf categories.

For future investments, you can invest in categories such as large cap, hybrid, large & mid cap etc. 

Ashok jadhav: Sir, which is better option for I T saving U/S 80 C from ELSS MF or SCSS(Sr citizen saving scheme.)?

Nikunj Saraf: Hi Ashok jadhav. Age plays a major role in this, especially if a person's age falls before retirement. Elss should be considered. There is a difference in lock-in period, risk appetite, and returns between the two options -- MF and SCSS.

You can choose ELSS with better returns if you are willing to take moderate risks.

SCSS may be a good choice if you want your capital protected with returns similar or slightly higher than those of a FD.    

Fund Name Fund Type SIP Date AMOUNT
FT India Bluchip Large Cap 25-03-2023 1,000
HDFC Top-100 25-11-2022 1000
Kotak-50/Bluechip 25-07-2024 1,000
Quantum Long Term Equity 21-12-2022 1,000
UTI Opportunities 21-01-2023 1,000
BSL Frontline Equity HOLD  
ICICI Prudential focussed Bluechip HOLD  
Nippon/Reliance Growth Midcap 25-05-2023 1,000
Quant Active Fund Multicap    
IDFC Premiur Equity/Multicap 25-12-2021 1,000
Mirae Asset Emerging Bluchip Midcap 28-03-2024 1,500
ICICI PrudentialBanking & financial services Banking 10-04-2024 1,500
SBI Pharma/Healthcare Opportunities. Pharma 28-12-2023 1,000
Canara Robecco infrastructure Infrastructure HOLD  
Edelweiss(JP Morgan) Europe Dynamic Equity Offshore Global HOLD  
FT India Feeder-U.S.Opportunities 25-10-2022 1,000
L&T Midcap Midcap HOLD  
Edelweiss(JP Morgan) Greater China Equity FoF OVERSEAS 28-02-2023 1,000
SBI SMALL CAP Small Cap 11-04-2022 1,000
HDFC INDEX FUND   15-02-2022  
    TOTAL 14,000

Devendra Talvadekar: Dear Sir, 

Please find my MF investment details. Plz guide me which is to be continued or discontinued or hold.


Nikunj Saraf: Hello Devendra, I can see over diversification with your current investments with 14k sip amount. I would suggest to concise your mf investments and reshuffle the portfolio. You can reconsider schemes of AMC like IDFC, Quantum and Edelweiss MF.

Venkata Chari: Am investing 10000 rupees every business day in UTI NIFTY 50 INDEX SCHEME. Plan to redeem on last Thursday of the month if in profit. Two times it was success. But other times failed marginally. Can I continue?

Nikunj Saraf: Hi Venkata. It seems that such transactions are not suitable for the long run. The best way to invest in this scheme is to hold it for a longer period of time, such as 3-4 years.

Alternatively, identify your exact investment goals and curate your portfolio accordingly.

Furthermore, redemption in this scheme charges an exit load at current value. As the markets have been highly volatile over the past few months, I suggest reconsidering your transactions. 

Dr S Narasimhan: I have two queries:

1. I am 48 now and have been investing rs 5000 in UTI small cap and mid cap funds as SIP. Can I continue?

2. I will be getting rupees 25 lakh as my family share very soon.I want to invest in good MF companies and get a good return after six years, as I am planning  for an early retirement. Kindly give your advices for my above two questions.

Nikunj Saraf: Hi Dr Narasimhan. If you are planning for early retirement, I would suggest you start reducing your risk appetite to low & moderate risk mf categories. For future investments, you can invest in categories such as large cap, hybrid, large & mid cap.

I suggest you invest via STP rather than lump sum in order to benefit from market volatility for future investments. 

Gaurav Kumar: Age: 26Yrs. I am Currently Investing 20K per Month in Following Equity MFs.

Axis Blue Chip Fund (Direct Growth)-5K (Invested-134993, Currently-152935)
Axis MidCap Fund (Direct Growth)-5K (Invested-134993, Currently-149743)
Mirae Asset(Emerging BlueChip)(Direct Growth)-2500(Invested-34998, Currently-39732)
SBI Tech Fund(Direct Growth)-2500(Invested-14999, Currently-14254)
Nippon Small Cap(Direct Growth)-2500(Invested-17474, Currently-20090)
Tata Digital(Direct Growth)-2500(Invested-24999, Currently-22893)

Kindly Suggest if these are good enough. Also if I wish to add 15% of the total Amount Extra every year, should I do it in the Existing MFs, or research and go for a new One?

Goal is Wealth Creation for the Future for studies of 2 Children(3-4Cr), House(3-4Cr) and Retirement. (Adjusted for Inflation).

Also Please Advice ‘Why sectoral/Thematic Based Funds are not recommended?’

Nikunj Saraf: Hello Gaurav. It’s great to see that you have started planning at such an early age. It sounds like your portfolio report is in good shape. In accordance with your requirements, the current diversification is correctly invested.

With the changing nature of the market year on year, you should first consider adding on to your existing SIPs and rearranging your portfolio. Investing in multiple portfolios is not appropriate for a portfolio.

Consider stopping sips that are below-average performers in your portfolio when you add new ones.

Sectoral/ Thematic funds are aggressive risk funds. They follow one sector or theme base companies to invest. Also, it's for the long term with a horizon of at least 8 years.

When investing in such a category, your investment proportion should not exceed 15-20% of your total investment. 

ronik subba: Hello sir, i am currently invested in all these mutual funds. Do kindly suggest me if i need to change my portfolio to generate 5cr in 20 years.


Quant small cap -5000
Canara robbeco small cap - 5000
Parag parikh flexi cap - 5000
Icici prudential bse sensex index fund- 5000
Pgim india midcap opportunity fund - 5000
Parag parikh liquid fund - 10000
L&t emerging equities fund- 3000
Aditya birla sunlife mutual fund -3000

RD: Sbi – 15000

Nikunj Saraf: Hi ronik subba. I guess you have already maintained well diversified portfolio. In accordance with your requirements, the current diversification is correctly invested. If you wish to add more sips in your portfolio in future, you can explore large cap category too. Considering all factors, this category seems to be missing.

Also to achieve corpus of 5 Cr, in next 20 years, your current invested sip amount is perfect.

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