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ASK MF GURU: 'I want a corpus of Rs 10 crores in 10 years'

Last updated on: March 27, 2023 10:09 IST

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Want my money to grow

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Anonymous: I'm investing in following MFs.
1. Axis Focused 25 Fund -- Rs 5,000/month and 10% yearly step up
2. Axis Long Term Equity Fund -- Rs 5,000/month and 10% yearly step up
3. Axis Small Cap Fund -- Rs 5,000/month and 10% yearly step up
4. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund -- Rs 2,500/month
5. Mirae Asset Mid Cap Fund -- Rs 5,000/month and 10% yearly step up
6. Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund -- Rs 5000/month.
My investment horizon is 15 years, moderately high risk appetite with focus on maximum corpus build. Kindly advise if my portfolio needs any change? Thanks.


It appears that your portfolio has a sound report.

It would be advisable to reconsider the Axis AMC with better peer schemes except Axis Smallcap fund.


Jaskaran: Hi Nikunj.
I am 39 years working professional and currently investing in following mutual funds:-
1. HDFC Mid-Cap Opp. Fund (Growth): Rs 12000/month.
2. HDFC Capital Builder Value Fund (Regular): Rs.12000/month
3. SBI Blue Chip Fund: Rs 2000/month
4. Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund (Regular): Rs 2000/month
5. HDFC Balance Advantage Fund (Regular): Rs 5000/month.
Please give your opinion whether my portfolio is good for long term goals or some change is required. Thanks in advance.

Hi Jaskaran.

Your current investment portfolio shows that 80 per cent of your investments are in one AMC i.e. HDFC.

Hence, I would suggest that AMC-wise diversification is required in your portfolio.

In addition, I recommend you to add large, mid and small cap categories in your future investments with proper allocations.



Metesh: Hi Nikunj I'm looking at creating a corpus of 10 cr in next 10 years....currently the value of my portfolio is around 71 lacs and i have a monthly SIP of 65k in axis , midcap, canara robeco emerging, ICICI pru bluechip, ICICI nifty 50, mirae asset emerging bluechip, quant flexi cap, sbi small cap, sbi focussed equity and sbi equity hybrid fund...
Are these good enough or what strategy should I take going forward?

Hello Metesh. Overall, your portfolio report sounds very promising.

I must say that you have conducted thorough research on the market.

The SBI focused equity scheme may need to be reconsidered in comparison to peer schemes.

Furthermore, to achieve a corpus of Rs 10 crores in the coming years, I would suggest you increase your SIP and include an annual add-on to your current SIP amount in view of the fact that Rs 65,000 SIP will not suffice to accomplish your goals.


Checker Box: Sir, I want to start an SIP of Rs 15k for my son’s education, he is in 9th std and I may require around 7-8 lacs in next 5 years, please suggest where should I invest?


Thanks for discussing your requirements and future goals.

For the goal of Rs 7-8 lakh, you can easily start SIP in MF of around Rs 15000 in categories like large and midcap, multicap, mid-cap and balanced advantage funds, etc.

Starting with Rs 15,000 on a monthly basis can help you achieve your child education goal.


Rathijit: Hi, I am 42 years old and have been investing in 12 different funds through SIP of amount Rs 28,500 per month.
I am investing in below following funds. Please give your opinion on it.
1. Axis Long Term Equity-DP: INR 2,500/Month
2. Franklin India Tax Shield Fund: INR 2,000/Month
3. Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver: INR 1,500/Month.
4. HSBC ELSS Fund: INR 2,000/Month
5. Motilal Oswal Long Term Equity: INR 2,000/Month
6. DSP Tax Saver: INR 2,000/Month
7. Mirae Asset Tax Saver: INR 3,500/Month
8. Aditya Birla tax relief 96-G: INR 1,500/Month.
9. ICICI Pru Long term equity: INR 1,500/Month.
10. HDFC Large & Mid Cap-G: INR 3,000/Month.
11. Nippon India Growth-G: INR 4,000/Month.
12, SBI Large & Mid Cap-G: INR 3,000/Month.
Apart from that, i use to invest INR 25000/Month in Index50, Mid Cap funds also.

Hello Rathijit.

Based on your age and your requirements, I can see that your risks diversification is well maintained.

Regarding your question about whether the schemes are good or not. I can see there is over diversification in your current portfolio. Try to concise your portfolio for ELSS investment.

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