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ASK DR JAIN: How do I make my curly hair straight?

October 18, 2021 13:12 IST

Tackle your hair and skin problems with expert help from Dr Dinesh Jain.

Taapsee Pannu

IMAGE: Taapsee Pannu shows off her curls (Kindly note this image has only been posted for representational purposes). Photograph: Kind courtesy Taapsee Pannu/Instagram

Dear Reader, worried about your skin?

Or your hair?

Is acne the bane of your existence?

Or dandruff causing you embarrassment?

Do send in your queries about your skin and hair problems to Dr Dinesh Jain at (SUBJECT: Ask Dr Jain).


Dear Dr Jain,
My daughter has very thick hair on her arms and legs, almost like a man.
She also has a faint moustache and thick eyebrows.
She is 20 years old.
Waxing and threading is painful.
Is there any other process we can consider?

The best option at this age would be laser hair reduction.

However, if the growth is abnormal, one must check for certain conditions like PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

Androgens, which are mainly responsible for body hair, are considered male hormones, though both men and women produce them. When the female body produces it in excess, she may develop excess body hair.

PCOS is a condition that normally begins with puberty, causing an imbalance of the sex hormones. Women suffering from PCOS may have more body hair.

The Cushing Syndrome, which occurs when your body is exposed to high levels of the hormone cortisol, can also lead to increased body hair. This condition may occur when excess steroids are taken as medication.

The quickest permanent solution unwanted hair is laser hair reduction. A couple of options you could consider are Diode Laser and Yag Laser.

Lasers specifically target thick, dark hair; the surrounding skin remains unaffected.

Most people have permanent hair loss after 7-8 sessions.

You might have to do a session once in three or six months, or after a year, to tackle any remaining hair.

Dear Dr Jain,
I have very curly, rough hair.
Is there any way to make it silky, straight and smooth naturally?
Sharddha Verma

The following tips will definitely help you tackle curly hair issues:

1. The best treatment is keratin, which is offered in most beauty parlours.

Nowadays, keratin-based remedies that you can do at home are also available in the market.

Keratin is a natural product. Using it properly will relax your curls and tame your frizz.

2. Avoid excessive use of shampoo. Choose your shampoo and conditioner wisely.

3. Trim your hair regularly to avoid split ends and difficult-to-manage hair.

4. Avoid using too much heat and hot water on your hair.

5. Use a wide-tooth comb.

Natural applications that encourage silky hair include:

1. Natural oils like jojoba, avocado and sun flower

2. Keratin

3. Shea butter

4. Hydrolysed animal proteins

How to straighten curly hair:

1. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and condition your curls with a straightening conditioner.

2. Leave the conditioner for some time to strengthen the strands of your hair.

3. Spritz wet curls with a heat protectant flat iron spray.

4. Part your hair into sections and begin straightening with a straightening instrument.

Dear Dr Jain,
My wife, age 44, is experiencing massive hair fall since seven-eight years and her front scalp is now visible.
Apart from some home remedies, she hasn't done much to contain it. Please guide.

This seems to be classical case of female pattern hair loss.

You need to consult an expert immediately because, over time, she can lose most of her hair from the front and centre of her scalp.

The cause of female pattern alopecia is genetic. Pregnancy, diet and stress can be contributing factors.

Therapies like bioregenesis and stem cell activation can help one recover almost completely. You will see hair fall reducing and regrowth of hair in almost all areas.

Home remedies will not help because the materials applied on the scalp generally do not penetrate it.

However, you might get a conditioning effect through home applications like shikhakai, egg yolk, oils, etc.

A diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals can help reduce this problem but can’t repair the damage which, going by your description, seems to be advanced.

Before you start any treatment, do get your wife checked for thyroid, which can also cause this kind of hairfall.

Dear Doctor Jain,
I am 44 yrs old, male. I am starting to lose my hair at mid-scalp.
Please suggest a remedy for the same.
Harish Dinanath Raikar

It looks like a case of male pattern hair loss, whose cause is primarily genetic.

However, certain blood tests and a hormonal analysis will definitely help in understanding the cause behind the hair loss.

In the meantime, I would recommend that you:

1. Reduce stress

2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

3. Exercise and do yoga

4. Ensure your diet is balanced

Regarding oils and lotions and shampoos though, you need to consult an expert.

You can improve the blood circulation in your scalp by massaging it. However, if male pattern hair loss has started, none of these will help.

Get yourself examined at the earliest and get a detailed hair analysis done,

When you arrest hair fall and alopecia at the early stages, the benefits are huge and you will you see much of your lost hair growing back.

I have been taking Finasteride 1 mg for the last seven years.
I had a hair transplant in October 2017 as well and after that also I am continuing with it. I am also using Minoxidil.
I am 35 years old now.
Please let me know whether to continue with Finasteride or not. Is Finasteride safe to take for longer durations? Can I take Finasteride throughout my life?
Thanks and regards,
Jai Sharma

Finasteride blocks the effect of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) on hair follicles of the scalp.

Over a period of time, it may not work and may need to be supported with a hair transplant and Minoxidil, which you have already done.

The use of Finasteride over a longer duration has been associated with:

1. Loss of libido and decreased sexual drive

2. Testicular pain

3. Breast tenderness

4. Problems with erection and ejaculation

It is better that you take it under proper guidance, so that your dosage will be switched on and off as needed.

This will help restore, regrow and rejuvenate your hair while protecting you from its side effects.

I would also suggest that you consider stem cell activation therapy, under the guidance of an excerpt, so that the hair follicles on your scalp are sufficiently rejuvenated. You will see your hair follicles improve in quality and thickness.

Your scalp area and hair follicles will then become so strong that the effect of the DHT will reduce, as will your use of Finasteride.

After a detailed evaluation, an expert can also suggest DHT blockers that are natural and free of the side-effects of Finasteride.

Dr Dinesh Jain is based in Mumbai and practises at Sparsh -- the Aesthetic Clinic. He is a well known cosmetologist and specialises in anti-ageing regenerative medicine, hair regrowth and stem cell-based treatment.

His qualifications include an MBBS, DV&D, MD and an MSc.

In his two decades of practice, he has treated thousands of patients including many Bollywood stars.

Please mail your skin care queries to Dr Jain at (SUBJECT: Ask Dr Jain)

Do note: This column is an advisory. Please consult your doctor before beginning any treatment.