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ASK DR JAIN: How can I prevent hair loss?

July 09, 2021 14:41 IST

Tackle your hair and skin problems with expert help from Dr Dinesh Jain.

Ayushmann Khurrana in Bala

IMAGE: Ayushmann Khurrana in Bala. (Kindly note this image has only been posted for representational purposes).

Dear Reader, worried about your skin?

Or your hair?

Is acne the bane of your existence?

Or dandruff causing you embarrassment?

Do send in your queries about your skin and hair problems to Dr Dinesh Jain at (SUBJECT: Ask Dr Jain).


Hello Dr Jain,
Hope you are doing well and wonder if you can help me.
Recently, I have seen some white spots on my right foot, left hand index finger, near the left elbow and left side of my stomach.
I wonder if it is vitiligo. Please, can you help me in taking precautions and avoid the spread of this?

Hi Sunny.

Though I haven’t seen you, from your history and description, it appears that it could be the beginning stage of vitiligo.

If it is identified in the early stages, we can definitely halt its progress and, in many cases, treat it completely.

You will have to consult a specialist dermatologist who has experience in treating vitiligo.

Generally, it is very difficult to establish the cause of vitiligo. However, you still need to do some basic tests that should help decide the course of treatment.

Some of the causes are:

Diet can help. Do include the following in your food intake:

Treatment options

Hello Doctor.
I am working in a private company as an engineer.
I have hairfall issues at the sides of my head, where hair has started reducing.
I have started using Minoxidil on the affected scalp for growth of my hair.
Can you suggest what should I do to prevent hair fall?
Lakdhir Gohil

Hi Lakhdir.

We call this temporal hair loss or baldness.

This usually happens in androgenetic alopecia and is starting stage of male pattern baldness.

The Cause is genetic and Minoxidil application will definitely help.

To prevent further hair, please follow this routine:

Treatment can include:

Dear Dr Jain,
I am 59 years, male, residing in Mumbai.
I have developed deep lines on both sides of my nose which gives my face an aged look.
Can these lines be removed? I see them disappear when I stretch my skin.
If so, please guide me as to what is best possible remedy to remove such lines and also prevent further lines from appearing on my face.
Jayesh Shah

Hi Jayesh.

These are nasolabial folds and wrinkles which develop as a result of the skin’s aging process.

The skin tissues become lax as the collagen reduces and the support to the skin is loosened.

The main reasons for wrinkles are:

Natural ways to reduce aging

Consult a dermatologist or a cosmetologist who will suggest appropriate therapy to change the folds by tightening the skin with laser threads and filling the folds with a hyaluronic filler.

We also recommend growth factor therapy, which uses your own blood cells.

Hi, Dr Jain.
I am 30 years old.
My hair is very dry and rough.
I have tried lot of shampoos and oils but couldn’t get noticeable improvement.
I have hair fall issues too.
I have desired to have smooth and silky hair since my childhood.
Hope to get some remedy.

Hi Vinni.

I am sure hair dryness and roughness are a concern at your age.

I would definitely recommend that you see a hair specialist doctor who will do a detailed scalp examination.

Since you complain of hair loss as well, we should make sure that you are not having early female pattern hair loss.

It is also possible that you are oiling and shampooing your hair but not doing anything internally to ensure your hair roots are healthy.

Do keep in mind that a deficiency in essential oils and vitamins D3 and B12 can be one of the causes for dry and lacklustre hair.

Ensure your diet includes green leafy vegetables, milk, yogurt and 15-20 minutes of sunlight in the morning.

Initially, you can also supplement this with B12 and D3 medication along with Biotin after consulting a doctor.

Avoid sunlight when the sun is too harsh.

Avoid hard water. Only use municipal water. If it is hard, you will have to take care.

Use a hair conditioner twice a week.

Dear Dr Jain
I am 23 years old.
I have deep red acne scar marks on my cheeks.
How can I reduce or remove them?
I don’t want to do laser treatment.
Is there any other alternative?
Thank you.

Hi Karthik.

Deep red acne scar marks after the acne has subsided are not very easy to treat if there is no intervention by a expert dermatologist.

Mild scars, however, can be treated by regular application of scar reducing creams and lotions.

Most lasers now have no side effects. However if you don’t want to consider that option, there are radio frequency treatments which can also help reduce scars.

Another form of treatment is peels.

Natural and home remedies include:

The options to naturally reduce/remove scars are limited. The best treatment for you can be suggested by a good dermatologist or a cosmetologist.

Dr Dinesh Jain is based in Mumbai and practises at Sparsh -- the Aesthetic Clinic. He is a well known cosmetologist and specialises in anti-ageing regenerative medicine, hair regrowth and stem cell-based treatment.

His qualifications include an MBBS, DV&D, MD and an MSc.

In his two decades of practice, he has treated thousands of patients including many Bollywood stars.

Please mail your skin care queries to Dr Jain at (SUBJECT: Ask Dr Jain)

Do note: This column is an advisory. Please consult your doctor before beginning any treatment.