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From Ironman To Comedian

February 15, 2024 12:04 IST

'I am engineer on Mondays, a writer on Wednesdays, a film-maker on Fridays and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, I have a little family with two kids, a husband...'

When you come face to face with Bengaluru girl Anu Vaidyanathan and hear her story, you realise -- as Rajesh Karkera/ did -- she has shattered expectations every step of the way.

Not only is she India's first Ironman, conquering gruelling triathlons like Ultraman Canada (10 km swim, 420 km bike(bicycle ride), 84.4 km run) and Ironman Canada (3.8 km swim, 180 km bike, 42.2 km run), but she also has a PhD in electrical engineering and is an author, film-maker, mother of two, and now... a comedian!

Anu Vaidhyanathan

Anu doesn't shy away from rather insurmountable challenges. While juggling motherhood and training as a triathlete, she penned a memoir, Anywhere But Home, chronicling her experiences, including what lead to her becoming the first Asian woman to complete the Ultraman Canada. This inspiring work caught the eye of the MAMI Film Festival folks, launching her film-making journey.

But wait, there's more! Anu's latest pursuit might surprise you: Stand-up comedy. See what she has to say in the video below.


Taking the spotlight, she now entertains audiences worldwide with her show BC:AD: Before Children: After Diapers -- a funny take on motherhood, life, and everything in between.


But why comedy, which had nothing to do with Anu's previous colourful feats? See the video below to know:


We did end up asking Anu how her funny bone has influenced her in her daily life...


Who says you can't be an Ironman, author, film-maker, mother, and a comedian?

And even though there are times when these jokes fail, as she tells us in the video below


Anu Vaidyanathan proves that breaking barriers and defying expectations is her speciality. Stay tuned to see what incredible adventure she tackles next!