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Amazing Innovations at CES 2022

January 12, 2022 15:06 IST

Ashish Narsale/ glances at some of the most interesting heath products presented at the latest edition of the Consumer Electronics Show.

It's a wrap for the CES 2022 -- the world's largest annual consumer technology trade show -- in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This year too, CES was impacted by COVID as some companies cancelled their participation and some decided to participate virtually only.

Some, however, presented their products live.

Here are some innovative health-related products presented at CES 2022 that we want to see in the market soon.


Teeth whitening machine

Photograph: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Produced by Teeth Whitening Culture, this machine uses a high-intensity blue light that activates the company's new carbamide peroxide gel to whiten teeth in a 15-25-minute session.


Photograph: Steve Marcus/Reuters

This Y-shaped brush is actually a dental mould in which bristles are inlaid.

It is powered by a battery-fed vibrating motor in its base.

Manufacturer Fasteesh claims it can give your teeth a perfect brushing in just 10 seconds.


Hum toothbrush

Photograph: Steve Marcus/Reuters

Hum is a smart, connected, rechargeable toothbrush from Colgate-Palmolive that gives you information on how to brush better.

The vibration levels of the brush can be adjusted according to your preference.

It also has app-based support to guide you towards a better brushing experience.

Aura-CO2 monitor

Photograph: Alex Wong/Getty Images

This is a real-time carbon dioxide, temperature, pressure and humidity monitoring device from eLichens.

It can be used in schools, meeting rooms, public buildings and homes to check the CO2 level in the air. 

The monitor is powered by 2xAA cells.

The AIRXOM mask

Photograph: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Produced by Airxom, this is an active (battery-operated) respiratory protection mask.

It guards you against air pollution, viruses (like COVID) and bacteria.


Photograph: Alex Wong/Getty Images

A standalone digital COVID ‘test strip', it provides results in less than five minutes by targeting the antigens caused by the COVID-19 virus in our body's fluids.

The strip is connected to your smartphone.

After screening, Grapheal's TestNpass delivers a time-stamped, encrypted, secure RFID tag, which is made tamper-proof through facial recognition control.

This tag can be used at public venues like airports, stadiums, concerts and exhibition halls.

BCool thermometer

Photograph: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

All the user has to do is shake this digital, battery-free thermometer from Baracoda Labs to generate power.

It holds information about different members of a family and can send it to a doctor if needed.

BBalance smart bath mat

Photograph: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

This bath mat, also from Baracoda Labs, includes a connected scale which can measure the posture and balance of the individual standing on it.

Mor wearable patch

Photograph: Steve Marcus/Reuters

Designed to prevent premature ejaculation in men, this gadget has to be fitted between a man's scrotum and anus during intercourse.

It is said eliminate the urge to ejaculate and improve sexual performance when activated.

Anti-snoring motion pillow

Photograph: Steve Marcus/Reuters

This pillow comes with an AI based sensor that gets activated when you start snoring.

It then detects your head's position and inflates or deflates a portion of the pillow to open your airways so that the snoring is reduced.