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All That Glitters Is Bhumi

July 31, 2023 09:40 IST

Pepto-Bismol pink is the It Style right now, but flashy dresser Bhumi Pednekar wants you to lean towards Regency-core fashion.

Think over-opulent. Luxurious. Fanciful pieces that bellow grandiose even from a distance.

The actor argued a case for all things gold while strutting for Varun Bahl at the FDCI India Couture Week in New Delhi.

Calling it her '24 karat' look, she wore just the outfit our alter egos needed -- a strappy bustier and a beige skirt dripping flowers and sporting a high slit.

IMAGE: Straight out of the Gilded Age, Bhumi zoomed up the temperatures in the capital even on a rainy day.
All photographs: Kind courtesy FDCI/Instagram


IMAGE: 'Last night I walked for one of my oldest friends @varunbahlcouture and it was so special,' Bhumi said on Instagram.
'The 1st ever fashion show I attended was his and now I walked for him. Just beautiful'.
She also thanked Stylists Mohit Rai and Shubhi Kumar for letting loose her 'inner apsara'.


IMAGE: A bit wallpapery or museum of natural history-ish, but certainly rich, rich, rich. 


IMAGE: What did we say about Regency Era garb....
She could have walked into the court of George III at St James's Palace -- if she had lost the slit -- in her gown swarming with applique work, embellishments, 3D motifs and tulle; all in one look.


IMAGE: If you look the right way you can see that the whole world is a garden, it was said once.
The Varun Bahl bride reassured the world that sheer was still a trend and black and loads of flowers for nuptials was on point.


IMAGE: Had the lady just popped out of a flower bed?
Or was this Varun's attempt to make the model appear like a walking hydrangea shrub?
It didn't really work, right folks?
But those lace embroidered jeggings got our attention.


IMAGE: When well-paired and with a little bit of Dutch courage, yes men can wear flowers!
Over sequin-splashed trousers? Oh yeah!