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#InstaInspiration: How Priyanka Chopra shuts down haters

Last updated on: September 06, 2017 08:00 IST

They have mastered the art of winning. And sometimes they give us a peek into how they do it.
In this new series, we bring you your weekly shot of wisdom from super achievers.

Priyanka Chopra

Photographs: @priyankachopra/Instagram

Actress Priyanka Chopra loves to share quotes that inspire her on social media, but every once in a while she shares her own thoughts and inspires us.

She captioned this one 'vibes for day [sic].'

The line is sassy, unapologetic and describes exactly how watching her do what she does has felt.


Filmfare editor Jitesh Pillai laid it all out in an Instagram post of his own soon after.

'I've been observing her for a while now,' he wrote. 'And every time she makes an appearance or statement, my respect grows for her.'

He said, 'Right off the bat, let me state I'm very suspicious of pop culture. Because it breeds insecurity and the famous Andy warholian adage- 15 minutes of fame victims. #priyankachopra despite being a pop culture icon has endured.

'The reason for her endurance is her resilience. And beneath that resilience lies oodles of talent.

'In all humility I've seen enough talented people in my life and this girl has truly it in spades. She's put us on the global map and it's no mean feat to have life size posters of her staring at you from billboards and times square [sic].

'Sure she has marketing savvy, she has the smarts. But besides talent and everything else, she's one of the most hardworking women in the business. She deserves all her success.

'I'm second to none in my admiration of her. I love the way she handles the trolls, the detractors.

'There was a time when the industry had washed their hands off her and she came back with a vengeance.

'And I watch her interviews with glee because she's so sassy and yet so witty. And within all that sharply cultivated veneer is a warmth that communicates to the young Gen which absolutely adores every move she makes.

'Her performances too are believable, you know that spark like a light has been switched on. I've seen that light switched on in #kaminay, in #barfee, #Saatkhoonmaaf #marykom #bajiraomastani and ofcourse #fashion. Very few actors look like they have read up their lines and internalised it. Priyanka is one of them.

'She's unabashedly mainstream and makes no apologies for that.

'It would be interesting to see the next phase of her career. The choice of her roles, the choice of her career I wait and watch with agog.

'Some girls go the mile, others go that extra mile. Priyanka makes long distance look like no sweat. And therein lies her charm and the secret of her success. She makes it all look easy.

'More power to you. Go burn.'

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