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A Fashion Show You Must See

December 02, 2021 08:40 IST

Cancer patients in the charming town of Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia took to the ramp to challenge beauty standards and inspire young girls and women.

Please click on the images for a look at this heartwarming fashion show.

IMAGE: With a pretty bow tied around her head, a young cancer patient steps on the ramp.
All photographs: Zoubeir Souissi/Reuters


IMAGE: Children get their make up done before the show begins.


IMAGE: The show hoped to be a glimmer of hope for young cancer patients across the world.


IMAGE: While dispelling beauty myths, it also hoped to spread awareness about cancer.


IMAGE: There's nothing to hide for these cancer patients who strode the ramp confidently.


IMAGE: A woman with prosthetic legs takes to the ramp.


IMAGE: Flaunting her burn marks, this young woman sent out a strong message.

Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/



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