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9 useful tips for healthy hair

July 12, 2020 10:01 IST

Junk food and caffeine can dehydrate your body which may cause your hair to dry and prone to hair fall.

How to keep your hair healthy in the monsoon

High humidity levels causes our hair to frizz. Photograph: Sergei Karpukhin/Reuters

Monsoon demands additional care and attention for our hair.

Many of you may already be complaining of excessive hair fall and dull hair in the lockdown.

Hair expert Sareena Acharya tells you how to condition your hair and protect it from frizz and fall.

How to keep the frizz at bay

Monsoon means humid weather and possibly acidic downpour.

Such conditions manipulate the chemical structure of our hair and increased levels of humidity make them difficult to manage.

Problems such as frizziness, dryness and dandruff become more prevalent in the rains.

Here are some tips to manage your hair:

1. Keep your hair dry

A microfibre towel is best way of keeping your hair dry during monsoons.

These towels have a high absorption power causing minimum abrasion and less hair fall, thus aiding hair care.

2. Conditioners to reduce frizz

High humidity levels causes our hair to frizz.

Using a conditioner regularly moisturises your hair and can help fight unwanted frizz.

3. Hydrate your hair with serums

If you don't like oiling your hair, you can invest in a good hair serum.

It helps in taming frizzy hair instantly by providing the required hydration.

4. What you eat is what you get

Your diet plays an important role in hair care.

The correct diet can strengthen hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth.

Foods that are rich in protein, vitamin C, biotin, iron and omega 3 fatty acids such as spinach, walnuts, mackerel, salmon, carrots as well as having whole grains will give your hair the nutrition it requires.

Avoid junk food and caffeine as it can dehydrate your hair.

Ensure your water intake is adequate to keep yourself and your scalp hydrated at all times.

5. Loose pony tail or buns

High levels of humidity means bad news for your mane.

There is a possibility that you might fall prey to a number of scalp problems and bad hair days.

Therefore, it is best to tie your hair in loose ponytails and buns.

6. Hair spa

A hair spa will pamper your tresses.

This is not a luxury but a necessity.

Although regular shampoo and conditioner will help you cleanse your scalp from the outside, regular spa treatments are essential to nourish your hair and roots.

Chemically treated hair requires extra care and protection.

7. Healthy hair wash routine

Wash your hair two-three times a week.

During monsoon there is high oil secretion on the scalp, making it easy for hair to get frizzy and be under nourished.

8. Use the right comb

It's important to use the right comb in the monsoon.

When dealing with wet hair, a wide tooth comb is the best option as it helps to de-tangle your hair while also ensuring that the hair doesn’t break and tear.

9. Avoid using a blow dryer

Using blow dryer is a strict no-no for people dealing with dry and frizzy hair.

Avoid using hair styling tools which can dry your hair and also make it brittle.

If you want to use a blow dryer, you should dry only the roots and prevent drying the hair tips and shafts.

Sareena Acharya is a haircare expert and artistic head at Enrich salon. She can be contacted on

Sareena Acharya