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7 Times Karishma Stood Out in Denims

March 02, 2023 16:38 IST

What's a closet of clothes without a pair of jeans? Pretty bare.

But don't reserve your rather versatile denims for only informal or workaday wear.

It has immense possibilities. It's not for nothing that the world denim jeans market was worth $64.5 billion in 2022 (per figures) because denims can be donned anywhere, kabhi bhi.

Karishma Tanna, whose acting baptism occurred with Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi in 2001 and is remembered for winning Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 10, never seems to be stuck in a monotonous jeans-and-T-shirt rut -- she knows how to gussy up jeans pretty fine and give them a place with formals.

See her seven stylish MoreThanCasuals denim looks.

IMAGE: 1. Blazer and jeans. And a hat!
As winter runs its final lap, bring out your trusty distressed denims and pair them with a beige blazer and a simple cropped top like Karishma.
They'll add pungent tadka to your Friday office getup.
She finishes it off with white sneakers, but you can always add heels that will instantly catapult the outfit to a pm hours look.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Karishma Tanna/Instagram


IMAGE: 2. More decorous black denims.
Karishma poses, laughs and shines in a pair of blue-black jeans as she has her '90s Cindy Crawford moment.


IMAGE: 3. Jeans and black and a little bit of charming midriff.
Ripped abs and mid-waist denims is a whole Itwar mood.
She's testimony to how the classic black and blue denim combo never misses.


IMAGE: 4. Sweater vest and jeans. Hmm.
Karishma's torn denims go from beach or yardwear to snobby stuff with a white shirt, snazzy brown boots, a sleeveless sweater clinched at the waist with a black belt, as she plays Ms Tourist in Gulmarg.


IMAGE: 5. Jeans and tie-dye. And a fluffy dog.
A crisp white shirt might be arguably the No 1 match for denims, but a bright tie-dye outfit will only make the look pop.


IMAGE: 6. Denim + denim = Double denim.
The dishy denim top rules. Total Grand Masti.
The black flats pull the outfit together.


IMAGE: 7. Jeans and a spanking white tee.
When nothing works, go for the sweet denim-T-shirt combo that is 365-days, all-occasion dressing.
The addition of one more layer like a jacket or a formal sweater will transport it to the realm of BIG Memsaab chic.