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5 things you didn't know about Priyanka Gandhi

Last updated on: January 24, 2019 11:36 IST

A hands-on mother, you could find her shopping for groceries at Delhi's Khan Market.

1. She has a secret hobby and it's not politics

IMAGE: Priyanka Gandhi with her grandmother Indira Gandhi, mother Sonia Gandhi and brother Rahul Gandhi. Photograph: Kind courtesy PriyankaG/Twitter

Priyanka has inherited her father's love for photography. She started taking photographs aged 12.

Like her father, who took photographs of people, Priyanka's exhibitions reveal that she has a penchant for capturing the various human moods.


2. She has a collection of her late grandmother's saris

IMAGE: Priyanka and Robert Vadra on their wedding day. Photograph: Atul Chowdhary

In an interview, Priyanka revealed that 'he (Robert) never treated me different.'

'Robert treated me just like anybody else when I first met him. I liked that,' she said.

When Priyanka tied the knot to Robert, she chose to wear a beautiful South Indian temple sari that belonged to her late grandmother.

Known for her fashion sense, which is basic and comfortable, Priyanka has saris from the late Indira Gandhi's collection.


3. She likes the ordinary life

IMAGE: Priyanka in Rae Bareli, her mother's Lok Sabha constituency. Photograph: Sandeep Pal

Having grown up in a household of politics, Priyanka chose to consciously stay away from it.

She craves an ordinary life. She has several score thousands queuing up to listen to her, yet at the same time, she is just like us all.

One of her strengths is the ability to keep it real.


4. She practices Buddhism

Priyanka is a graduate in psychology from the University of Delhi.

She finished her master's in Buddhist studies in 2010.

A follower of Buddhist philosophy, she is also a practitioner of Vipassana.


5. She likes baking cupcakes for her children

IMAGE: Robert Vadra and Priyanka Gandhi with their daughter Miraya at Rajiv Gandhi's samadhi in 2015. Photograph: PTI

Priyanka, who turned 47 on January 12, is a mother to two teens -- Miraya (16) and Raihan (18).

She likes reading, studying and looking after her children -- Priyanka has poured her energy into them.

In an interview with Outlook, back in 2009, she said, 'On a typical day, I get up in the morning, get my children ready and take them to school.'

'Sometimes I make the children something so when they come home there is something nice to eat -- they like cupcakes, so I often make them.'

'They come home, I help them with their homework, we relax. That's my typical day.'

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