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3 Cheers For Mrs World 2022 Sargam Koushal!

December 20, 2022 13:18 IST

Jammu and Kashmir's Sargam Koushal calls herself 'a proud daughter of the country'.

The Indian beauty swept up the crown and triumphed over contestants from 63 nations to become Mrs World 2022. Her win comes 21 years after actress-model Dr Aditi Govitrikar bagged the title.

Sargam has struggled with anxiety, weight issues and was bullied for having a lean frame, before turning to yoga to gain physical capacity, flexibility and mental strength.

Her advice to women: 'You deserve every goodness in this world. You're one of a kind and I believe in you. Start this week with this faith.'

IMAGE: Was there any chance she would not win seeing how she must have bedazzled audiences at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino in this wispy cotton candy pink gown by Delhi designer Bhawna Rao?
Photographs: PTI


IMAGE: 'Believing in your own worth radiates enough inner light to make you glow'.
That motivational quote must have been written for Sargam, a teacher who grew up in Jammu and earned a master's degree in English literature and a BEd from the Government College of Education Jammu.


IMAGE: Could hour-glass inventor Liutprand have found a better muse?
Confidence and allure can come in one package and Sargam strongly urges fellow members of the fairer sex to vest faith in themselves.


IMAGE: The Tricolour waving above wished her godspeed when she left Mumbai on December 7 for the pageant in Las Vegas wearing a traditional Kashmiri phiran,
Mrs India Inc announced with great hope, 'Mrs Sargam Koushal is all set to get the crown back home after 22 years'.
Sargam fulfilled that promise.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Sargam Koushal/Instagram


IMAGE: For Sargam returning to Indian shores with her brand-new tiara promises to be a 'big, proud moment'.


IMAGE: #daddyslittlegirl: She says ever since she was a little girl, her father, retired banker G S Koushal, told her, 'You're different, I see it in your eyes. You're meant for greater things in life'.


IMAGE: And who is Mr Sargam? Naval officer Aditya Manohar Sharma. She calls her hubby dearest: 'ekdum kadak marriage material'.
They wed in 2018.
He hails from Jammu too and is a lieutenant commander posted in Mumbai.