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Bridal trends in the time of COVID-19

November 02, 2020 12:50 IST

IMAGE: Monica Shah of JADE by Monica and Karishma. The designers have been retelling traditional stories through their handcrafted silhouettes.

Designer Monica Shah of JADE tells Anita Aikara/ how bridal fashion is changing during the lockdown.

If this time has done anything, it's made us feel absolutely, deeply at ease in our own skin.

We have befriended comfort in a way like never before.

Suddenly, we are more aware of how certain fabrics feel against our skin, how silhouettes move around our body, and how certain colours and drapes make us feel.

At the same time, it has also put us in the mood to experiment. We want to try on new combinations and eclectic silhouettes, because why not? All is fair in lockdown.

This time has inspired us all to reimagine our style to reflect our authentic selves.

This becomes especially true and meaningful when it comes to bridal wear this year.

IMAGE: A dreamy Ek Taar ensemble by Designers Monica and Karishma.
The blouse is a modern take on a traditional classic, while the lehenga is a richly crafted Ek Taar piece crafted on a base of raw silk in understated hues of lilac with a smattering of fuchsia pink.


Coronavirus has inspired us to step away from the clutter, the chaos and the flurry of activity, and truly pause, ponder and appreciate the things that really matter.

The beauty of an intimate Indian wedding is that it leaves one with so much room to make mindful choices.

Your ensemble can truly reflect who you are, your story and your personality.

You are empowered to spend time looking at the little details that lend themselves to the big picture.

All this to say, you create space for buying fewer, but more valuable things that can effortlessly withstand the test of time and seasons.


If this time has taught us one thing, it's to leave something beautiful and rich with a story for our future generations.

As a millennial bride, your bridal ensemble offers the perfect opportunity to start your own little heritage, with an heirloom piece you can call your own and lovingly pass down to the future.

IMAGE: The base of this lehenga made of luxurious raw silk and the intricate detailing are enough to make any bride feel like an absolute queen.


Choose garments that are a true celebration of your roots and heritage.

Our artisans pour their labour, their heart and soul into crafting each piece by hand.

Thus, the ensemble is elevated from being a clothing item to a work of art, owing to its elaborate artistry, fine craftsmanship and superior attention to detail.


This season, in the spirit of mindfulness, choose a handcrafted Indian bridal lehenga that revives dying crafts.

You can help sustain communities of weavers and artisans who have been creating handcrafted garments, and above all, sustain the environment at large.

Choose a bridal ensemble that is handcrafted in a way that maintains ample versatility for you to experiment and re-wear it over and over again, ensuring you buy less, and get your value for money too.

Don't let these bleak times stop you from weaving your own silver lining.