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Monsoon romances: 'My first love'

July 22, 2009 12:41 IST
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Do you have any special memories that were created during the monsoons? We invited Get Ahead readers to share their romantic monsoon memories with us, and we have been flooded with responses. As part of an ongoing series, we present three stories we received.

This happened in 1991, when I was studying engineering. I was on vacation and a girl named Kavita had also come on holiday to her uncle's home -- he lived right next door. My initial interaction with her was just 'hi' and 'hello'.

The monsoon had just started and I was enjoying the rain one evening, getting wet along with my buddies and their sisters. She arrived from an outing and she was also drenched -- looking at me, she came and joined in the fun.

Kavita then came closer to me and said, "I want to tell you something." I told her to go right ahead and she said something I had not expected at all -- "I love you". I asked, "Are you sure? Do you know what you just said and what it means?" She replied, "I'm serious."

There were feelings in my heart for her too, so I accepted her love and standing in the rain in a crowd of friends, she came close to me and gave me a light kiss on my lips, which I never forgot.

We were together for a long time after that and I wanted her to be with me forever, but somehow it didn't happen. She got married to someone else, but I still love her and will continue to do so till the end of my life because she was my FIRST LOVE.

This happened almost 18 years ago, but I still feel that first kiss -- and the rain.

-- AM Parekh*

What better place to get drenched than 'The Land of the Long White Cloud'? I am talking about New Zealand -- if you haven't guessed what place that phrase refers to.

We had just landed at Auckland Airport and were making our way outside to get a glimpse of the beautiful country. Twilight was about to break in and I could see the sun settling down peacefully among the snow-capped peaks far-off and the dark cumulous clouds. Cold breeze brushing her hair made her look so pretty, making her all the more vulnerable to my kisses and hugs. The environment was brimming with the smell of rain. Clouds were seen gushing in, brushing the mountain peaks, bringing a promise of first shower. I simply love rains and I believe they seriously provide a perfect set up to celebrate love. Me and my sweetheart were out on the street when it started drizzling and we strolled around, hand-in-hand, her head resting on my shoulders.

The rain drops were slowly gaining in vigour and I asked her to stand still at one place, spread her arms and look above at the falling teardrops from the heavens, which I loved to do when I was a kid. I did the same and it was a wonderful feeling, seeing those million rain drops falling from the heavens and some of them being graced by her touch. One such raindrop made its way to her eyelash shining like a crystal with distant sunlight gleaming through it. I had the honour of touching her and wiping that raindrop from her eye. She looked at me and I looked at her, a glance which could have stayed till eternity. All I could do the next instance was to hug her as tightly as I could, making her feel as secure and protected in my arms as I possibly could. It felt as if time had come to a standstill for that very moment. I wanted to stay like that forever until the sky fell down on me. She started crying with her head on my chest and I just couldn't stop her. It slowly begin to pour and it felt as if even the heavens were rejoicing in our love, sending us their wishes through these raindrops, acknowledging our love. That moment was the definition of awesome. The very feeling of having her in my life, by me is so good in itself. I am blessed to have SOMEONE LIKE YOU.

I love you sweetheart and I want you to know that I will always be there for you, as I always have been. I love you... :)

-- Dean

That rainy night we got struck at a mutual friend's party. It was literally pouring and we waited awhile for the rain to let up a bit, but every minute it was only getting heavier and heavier.

"Shall we start?" she asked me. I knew she liked the rain, although her favourite season was summer. That's her -- she likes everything and doesn't know how to hate a thing in the world. It seemed like the longest ride I would ever have to take. She was riding and I was behind her, sitting so close, most of our bodies touching. It had been hot indoors, but it was so chilly outside.

And the rain didn't show any signs of stopping or letting up. Just before the place from where we had to go our own separate ways, we stopped under a tree. I still don't remember whether it was me or her who suggested it. We took shelter under a tree. I saw her face. She has a lemonish complexion and in the rain she looked like a fairy. She was shivering and I could see her lips tremble. The water had washed away the little makeup she had applied. She looked like an angel right from the heaven. Her face was glowing and it resembled a full moon.

I couldn't resist anymore. I took her face in my hands. It was like a lotus with water droplets falling from her wet hair. I kissed her. Man... it was like heaven, words cannot explain it. Even now, the taste of her, the aroma of her is very fresh in me. We remained in each other's arms for quite some time. All the time we held each other so tightly that even air couldn't pass through. After what felt like years, we decided to leave. I stood there seeing my angel going in the dark. I still remember the lightning just before she took a turn and I didn't miss the chance to see her, even at a fair distance. That wonderful rainy night was the most romantic moment of my life.

-- Saravana, Bangalore

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