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Real estate opportunities in India
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April 03, 2009

Do you know what's the going rate per square foot in your neighbourhood? Is it the best time to buy real estate/ home? Or should you wait for a while before buying your dream home?

What are the chances of real estate prices going further down? Or are they likely to go up in the near future? When will the property market stabilise?

To answer these and various other money and invetsment related queries, real estate expert Tushar Bungley, hosted a chat with GA readers on April 2.

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript:

neran asked, What is the real estate(for flats) scenario in Chennai. I hear people asking me to wait, to buy a flat, for a few more months. Any tips from you.
Tushar answers,  at 2009-04-02 13:46:35Yes, price correction is expected in Chennai in the coming months. It would be good to wait for some time before buying.

arnab asked, Looking for a ready flat in bangalore near electronics city. What are the things I shud consider?
Tushar answers, Check out under articles section. There are detailed set of guidelines.

Tushar asked, Hi,I'm planning to buy a flat in Warje Pune.Can the developer come down to a rate of 2000 per sq feet? Also is it advisable to invest in underconstruction project? How can be ensure the project completion - forget on time posession :)
Tushar answers, The price seems to be pretty fine. But in this situation might be better to go in for ready flats. Again this depends on the reputation / financial strength of the builder and the number of flats booked in the apartment.

jsb asked, sir i want buy house in NCR through loan so this is right time or not and what is rate of interst in 10Lakh
Tushar answers, SBI [Get Quote] seems to be a good option.

veenab asked, Hello , i would like to know abt capital gains account? In capital gains, what amount shd we put, the whole amount or just the profit?
Tushar answers, Please do contact our legal team on and they will be able to give you a detailed explanation.

shirish asked, What kind of price correction may be there in Gurgaon and Delhi [Images] (south)?
Tushar answers, 10% at the minimum. But again depends on the locality/ builder/ amenities.

rakesh asked, Hi, Can you please tell me what will be the scenatio in Pune this year? I have been waiting for one year for the prices to come down but not much correction happened in Pune.
Tushar answers, Can wait till end of Q2 this year and take a call. But prices have come down in pune compared to last year, do negotiate with the builder.

Pratik asked, Hi Tushar, I am interested in buying a property in Gurgaon, what kind of property & at which point of time would be best?
Tushar answers, You can explore properties at best discounts / deals on

Nikunj asked, Hi Tushar, I am interested in 3BHK flat in Faridabad from BPTP in their Parkfloor2 project in sector 76. How do you see the prospects of this new nehar par area in faridabad? How much time is expected to get this new area developed.
Tushar answers, Don't have inputs on the specific project.

arvind asked, can you healp me to buy home in goa . and whats the rate in goa for per sq.mts.
Tushar answers, Check out ad search for properties in Goa [Images]. Prices should be around 2500 - 3600 Rs/ sqft.

prasad asked, I am looking for a 3BHK apartment in Outer Ring Road ,Bangalore from a reputed builder.Could you pl tell me what's realistic per Sq Ft price in this area? Is this the right time to buy or should wait for some more time?
Tushar answers, Prices are around 2000 rs/ sqft depending on amenities, location etc. This is a good time to negotiate and go for a purchase.

ased asked, tushar also getting an offer in rajarhat,kolkata for a project called sunrise greens by sureka group @ 2160 per sft . is the rates good ?
Tushar answers, Price seems to be fine. You can negotiate for 2000 if possible.

Pratik asked, What is the right time to invest in properties in Gurgaon? Do you think I should wait till june 09 to decide?
Tushar answers, Yes that would be a good bet, though you can start your research / narrow down what you are looking for.

sghosh asked, What is the real estate(for flats) scenario in Kolkata. I hear people asking me to wait, to buy a flat, for a few more months. Any tips from you.
Tushar answers, You can start talking with the builder and then give it some time and negotiate. This seems to be the best strategy, as the demand increases over supply they might give in to lower prices.

ased asked, hi tushar , how is behala area in kolkata for self occupation ? also wanted to check realty market in durgapur ,west bengal .have purchased a land in the outskirts of durgapur @40000 per katha (720 rs/sq ft) what is the rate is suitable ?what kind of returns may be expected
Tushar answers, This price seems to be very good. You can expect growth of about 30% in 5 years time frame at the minimum.

sai1234 asked, dear sir is it the right time to buy independent house in Bangalore, in city areas like basavanagudi, banashankari, jayanagar, or in particular bangalore south
Tushar answers, Bangalore south is seeing good growth and it's a good time to buy. Search for bangalore south properties under

blore asked, Hi Tushar, I am planning to buy a flat in Bangalore North (along Tumkur Road) about 3 kms from Peenya Industrial Area. The builder is offereing around INR 2000 per sft BUA (not SBUA), loading of car parking and club house extra. The building is under construction and delivery is Dec 2010 or Jan 2011. Is it a good price for the area. If not, then what would be a good bargaining price. The BUA for the flat is 1400 sft.
Tushar answers, Since this is inclusive of amenities it's a good price. You might want to negotiate a little more as the delivery is only in 2011 so you can give yourself a little more bargaining time.

Tushar asked, Hi,Sir you are working in real estate industry, do you really feel there are geniun buyers for Flats above 40 Lakhs?
Tushar answers, Yes there are a lot of buyers and there is quite some demand in this segment too.

Harsha asked, Hi, i had a look into a 2BHK flat with 1150 Sqt near Marathalli Area in Bangalore. The builder says 30,000,00 including parking area charges, electricity and water charges excluding registration. The flat has no wardrobe it a feasible one?
Tushar answers, Price is on higher side. Ideally the price should be anywhere between 2000 - 2300 Rs/ sqft unless it's a luxury apartment.

ased asked, tushar , request your feedback on behala area for self occupation in kolkata and what rates are prevailing and can be looked at thanks
Tushar answers, Rates in Behala, Kolkota are around 1600 - 2000 Rs/ sqft

arun asked, Hi tushar, good afternoon. My question is when property prices may rise again in bangalore? Why I am asking is, we can purchase property before that time so it will be good idea.
Tushar answers, Not sure about this, atleast the general prediction is that you may not see a rise in the next year.

nileshz asked, i want buy house under 10 lakh it is possibe ?
Tushar answers, Several budget housing options are available depending on the city / locality you want to purchase in. You can check out and search using your budget as a filter.

r asked, I want to purchase a 1 BHK in Malad East, mumbai. Should i wait for it sometime or buy now?
Tushar answers, It's a good time to buy now.

rajan asked, Can you please let me know the flat rates in outskirts of chennai?
Tushar answers, Which areas are you looking at ?

Uday asked, Hi Tushar, I am Planning to Buy property in Bangalore from Ittina Developers. they are quoting Rs.2000sqft Is the Builder Reliable And DLF is quoting 180 but posession is in 2012. Kindly Suggest
Tushar answers, Both are good builders, make a choice based on the location of the apartment, amenities etc.

Prashant asked, Hi tushar GA, What is the rate/Sq ft in ghatkopar(w) area is it the right time to buy and which project i should look in.
Tushar answers, Prices here are around 7500 - 8200 Rs/ sqft

Shreya asked, I am looking for residential plot in Bangalore prefreably 40 X 60 (2400 sq.ft) where I want to build a house for self occupation in the range of Rs 800-1200 per sq ft in areas like Jaya Nagar, JP Nagar, but no avail. Though news reports say the property prices have come down, it is actually seen in the market place that the prices are still very high. Please advise for some area in Banglore where I can look for a site in this range and where I can build a house immediately. Thanks
Tushar answers, At your budget you will have to look at areas in the outskirts of bangalore. Devanahalli and beyond seems to be a good option as it's coming up very well and there is good infrastructure development.

Hemant asked, Though the rates in Mumbai [Images] have comedown by an average of 15-20% in last 6 months, the rates in tier II city like Nashik are going up. What are the reasons?
Tushar answers, We are guessing it's the dynamics of supply and demand. There's more demand (lesser supply too) in Tier II cites.

OMK asked, Hi Tushar , what could be rate for kandiwali east in mumbai ? There are seth devloper is asking for newly lunch project calrion @4940. is it right price ?
Tushar answers, This price seems to be fine. The average prices around this locality are 4800 Rs/ sqft

Raman asked, Hi Tushar, What is the rate for a plot of 40X60 sq ft in Sriperumbudur, outskirts of Chennai (actually its around 6kms from Bangalore highway). Is the rate of Rs 350/- per sq ft reasonable?
Tushar answers, This is a very good price. Just make sure that basic facilities like water, electricity etc are easily available.

in asked, Do you think that the Bank intrest rates in INDIA for houses/ housing finance rates will come down to the level that can be benchmarked with the worldwide intrest rates
Tushar answers, There is a possibility of loan rates to come down, though we are not sure if they can be benchmarked with worldwide rates.

nikunjd asked, Hi Tushar, I have one 3BK flat booked in Vatika India Next project coming up in Gurgaon and another one in Aravali Heights in Daruhera. Should I keep them or should sell them off?
Tushar answers, It's not advisable to go for a sale now. Better to hold and wait as long as you are not under any kind of financial constraint.

Param asked, I am planning to buy a 3 BHK 1700-1800 sq ft flat on Sarjapur outer ring road with alll amenities from A class builder, with completion in second half 2009. What is the maximum per sq. ft and the landing rate one should be paying for such a property.
Tushar answers, For luxury apartments in this area, prices should be around 2800 Rs/ sqft

Navin asked, Hello, Recently if you have seen from Jaipur [Images] Height, Jain Realtors (P) Ltd, 2000Rs per sq ft fully furnished. Do u think is good price? In another by THE ATRIUM in Gurgaon apartments @25L 2BHK and @30L 3BHK?Right next to Reliance [Get Quote] SEZ. What do you about this? Pls reply...thanks in advance
Tushar answers, Seems to be a reasonable price but just find out how many have been already booked to ensure the project completes without too much delay.

gaurav asked, Hi, at what rate should i be able to get an apartment in Bangalore, Say Elita Promenade in JP Nagar 7th phase ? I mean what should be a good per sqft rate ?
Tushar answers, Not sure about the exact project, but 5000 - 6000 Rs/ sqft is the average price around this locality.

Rajneesh asked, Do you recommed any specific project in hyderabad?
Tushar answers, Check out

hasso asked, What could you tentative psf rate in KHADAKPADA KALYAN, new construction, ready possession??
Tushar answers, Prices in Kalyan are around 3200 - 3800 Rs/ sqft

prashanth asked, Hi Tushar, I have recently invested around 80 lacs in a row house (2400 sqft carpet area) in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. will it appreciate in the near future?
Tushar answers, Expect appreciation only on a 5 year time frame.

soniya asked, Do you think that property rates which have shoot up from the period of 2004 to 2008( as per my observation) will come down & if yes what would be the dip in percentage
Tushar answers, There has already been a dip of around 5 - 15% in many cities, you can expect prices to stabilise by end of the year.

Param asked, Salarpuria is quoting around 3100/- per sq. ft basic price post initial negotiatons plus other incidentals, deposits and taxes (almost 10-11 L) for Bangalore Sarjapur outer rind road luxury project due for completion in Dec 2009. Is it worth paying this price. Is there scope for more negotiations.
Tushar answers, Definitely think there is scope for negotiation. This price seems to be on the higher side by atleast 200 - 300 Rs/ sqft

Paresh asked, Is it the right time to buy a house BHK in GUrgaon, Haryana and if yes what should be the range / TGt price. Paresh
Tushar answers, Average in Gurgaon is around 2600 - 3200 Rs/ sqft though this will vary from project to project.

KT! asked, Let me know if you are purposely ignoring my question so that I do not repost and waste your time . "Are rates in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad going to come down ? In spite of speculations about rates going down everywhere, I have not witnesses anything like this in Indirapuram. WHat can be the reason for this ? The rates are in the range of 3000-3500 per square feet. Are these reasonable rates ? What is your opinion about crossings republic ?"
Tushar answers, We don't have data on this locality. Will get back to you later.

seshu asked, Is 24 lac worth for a 5 yr old Ittina Flat with 982 sqft carpet area near old airport ?
Tushar answers, Seems to be a reasonable deal.

Shan asked, South Chennai - 4kms from Medavakkam Junction - its a housing board colony - independent house with covered car park - Land area 650 Sq Ft - Built up Area 1400 sq Ft - What is the best price per Sq Ft? What is the price totally?
Tushar answers, Price per sqft is around 3500 - 3800 Rs/ sqft

Neeraj asked, Tushar, I was told by someone that the VAT amount for flats taken by builders is partially refundable in the sense that they actually claim a rebate on the construction material etc. from the govt. whereas they charge us the entire amount. What is the way to get this portion of VAT back?
Tushar answers, Please contact our legal team who will look into this issue and get back to you. Contact from

trump asked, what will be the prices scenario on HOSUR road for next 3 years?
Tushar answers, Prices around hosur road are expected to improve/ increase given all the infrastructure activities that are planned around this area in the coming 3 years. So it looks like a good investment destination.

Senthil asked, what is rates prevaiing in chennai central area like kodambakkam Ashok nagar
Tushar answers, In Ashok nagar for apartments the rates are around 4000 - 5200 Rs/ sqft

subodhaa asked, Dear Tushar! What is your prediction on rate for Sukhsagar Nagar(Katraj) in future?Is 2200-2500 rate is ok in current Scenario?Please help
Tushar answers, This price in Katraj seems to be fine. Is this for apartments or land ?

ajit asked, what is current rate in Mulund. Is it right time to invest in new projects, as there will be locking period of around three 2 and 1/2 year
Tushar answers, Mulund prices are between 6500 - 8000 Rs/ sqft

Maheshaiyer asked, Hi Tushar. I have a housing loan of 24 lacs for an apt that I bought in 2007. I now live and work in an European country where me and my spouse work. The rate of interest I pay on my loan is about 10 percent over 15 years. I have an EMI of rs. 30221/month. Is it wise to PREPAY the loan considering the fact that the housing prices are coming down and I will actually pay a lot over a period of 15 years ? or with liquidity issue in market its better to keep paying EMIs. I have the capacity to prepay or even pay just EMIs. Pls advice.
Tushar answers, Might be a better option to prepay if you can afford it. Loan rates can keep fluctuating.

jayaramgopal asked, i want to purcahse one apartment in mumbai w
ow i am residing in malad,mumbai. I like nerul in navi mumbai also which are prefer when cost and facilities has concerend? and at what rate in malad and navi mumbai?
Tushar answers, Malad is around 4500 - 6000 Rs/ sqft and Nerul prices are around 2500 - 4000 Rs/ sqft

Anirban asked, Hi Tusar, is it safe to invest in Unitech projects in Kolkata with rates around Rs. 2400 psf ?
Tushar answers, Seems to be fine, which location is this project in?

madan asked, HI, I have 2 questions. 1.In pune the builders have already came down by 10-20 % compared to the peak value.. Can we expect more downfall in flat prices in pune ? 2. How much differance should be there in ready possesion flats / under construction flats(possession after12-18 months?)
Tushar answers, Prices are expected to fall and stabilize more in a couple of quarters. You can expect anywhere between 5 - 15% drop.

snudhi asked, I am posting this question 3rd time so pelase answer I want to buy plot either in chandigarh, mohali or panchkula but I don't see price decline in these 3 cities. what do you suggest?
Tushar answers, Tier II cities haven't seen much drop in prices, and this is reflected in Chandigarh too. You can go ahead and buy as good growth is expected in these areas.

GURU80 asked, Sir , i want to do investment in real estate .so i want to buy 2nd home in new panvel area or kharghar area. as international airport is comming to this area . so is it good option for investment ? my budget is 20 lakh . out of 10 lakh i have to take loan from bank. what will be rate per sq ft.pls advice ?
Tushar answers, These are good areas to invest in. You can check out the loans section on to get good rates.

Param asked, Hi Tushar, what is the reputation of Kumar Builders from Pune? I am looking at one of their bangalore projects. What is the base rate per sq. ft and the landing rate (all inclusive) one can pay for their luxury project.
Tushar answers, Not sure about this.

Vachas asked, Hi Tushar, on situation in Kochi - Builders say rates are unlikely to fall as they operate on low margins. Is this to be believed or shall i wait ?
Tushar answers, Well prices may not fall too much in Kochi, though you can still wait n look out for new projects.

1234 asked, hi Tushar, I in a process to deal with a builder in Pune (kharadi) 1200 sq feet flat 2 BHK for 33 lakhs ready possession.Is it worth buying (all inclusive)
Tushar answers, This is a good deal. You can go for it.

Saket asked, Hi Tushar, I am interested for a 3BHk flat in Wakad, Pune by ParkStreet - Sapphire project (joint collaboration of Pride Housing & Purple Properties). My questions are - 1) how is the builder, is it reliable 2) howz the project 3) what shud be its price, they are quoting 2900/sqft
Tushar answers, Price seems to be correct and as per market standards.

Jeetendra [Images] asked, I wanted to pickup a 2 or 3 BHK flat in Kanakpura Road, Bangalore. Is this a safe period or should I wait for another 6 to 12 Months. What would be the cost right now?
Tushar answers, Prices should be around 3500 - 4500 Rs/ sqft You can start looking at properties and negotiate till you get the best deal.

sudhir asked, What Should be the reasonable rate in Baner; Balewadi, Pimple Saudagar and Wakad areas at present. I am getting rates of 3000, 2700, 2400 and 2400 respectively in these areas. Is there any more chance of fall than this?
Tushar answers, These seem to be pretty competitive.

thy asked, Is there a major issue with DLF Garden city OMR, will they complete the flat on schedule?
Tushar answers, Not sure, there does seem to be a lot of media coverage about the same.

Tushar answers, Prices are around 3200 - 4000 Rs/ sqft

anoop asked, Hi Tushar, I need to buy a flat in apartment in Noida . Kindly propose projects offering near future possession. budget 35 to 40 lakhs
Tushar answers, Do check out for projects in Noida with best discounts and offers.

vikram1 asked, Hello Tushar , I had booked in flat with a reputed builder Lok Group in Mumbai last year till date they have taken 40% of the flat cost and have not yet executed an agreement , additionally the project has been delayed due to no availiability of CC from the BMC what can I do to recover my money back.
Tushar answers, Do contact our legal team at www.

shivraj asked, hi tushar, Will Tumkur witness real estate boom like mysore because of it proximity to bangalore?
Tushar answers, Yes, Tumkur is expected to see some good growth in real estate.

hari1 asked, Hi Thusar, We feel that house & land price is too high in chennai after 2006, do you think the price correction will be there soon, if Yes then how much can we expect ? I am trying to search a house for more 1.5 yrs still i see the same price. Kindly Advice
Tushar answers, Prices in chennai are still the same though other cities have witnessed some amount of correction. Prices here though are expected to drop and stabilise in the next 6 months. Do wait and watch.

Jilesh asked, Hi, Tushar according to the news property is shrinking people are waiting to for property prices to go down. However given that builders are not yet ready to make their prices go down. What do you think, how much down property prices will go / which areas / and when would it be the best time to invest in property ??
Tushar answers, Expected to go down by 5 - 15% depending on the city / locality and the type of property / land.

Ratika asked, Hi Tushar, hope u doing great. We want to Invest in a on going project of Regency Group in Pune near Airport, That Area called as Dhanori. I would like to Know 1) abt Regency Group rliability, 2) About area Dhanori 3) The dael is 2050Rs per sq feet is this Good. Please suggest.
Tushar answers, The price is very good, not sure about the builder / area.

himanshu asked, Do you suggest to invest in resedential property at Bhiwadi-Rajasthan, a two BHK (1100sq ft) @2300000, what is minimum time for appreciation
Tushar answers, Price seems to be on the higher side.

sudhir asked, I have observed in last few months that after reducing the rates, builders have increased the shown salable area on their brochures and other advertising means. The same flat that I saw 6 months back had an area of 980, today they say it is of 1040 SqFt. How can we check this or confirm what the actual area is?
Tushar answers, You can get the area measured and make final payment based on that. Inform your builder about the same.

scool asked, I am planning to Purchase Flat in AMBEGAON area ( suburb on singhagad rd/katraj Highwayin PUNE ) rate quoted is 2500+ + IS it Right price or should wait for 3-4 months
Tushar answers, Price is fine, you can negotiate and try to reduce the price.

Tushar says, Thanks a lot for joining us in this chat session. You can visit and chat with our property advisors for one on one guidance. Thanks.

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