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Study UK: 'Can I work after I graduate?'
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September 11, 2008

What are the various MSc/ Mtech or MBA courses available in the UK?

How much do they cost?

What are the employment options once you graduate?

These are just some of the questions students have when considering an education in the UK. To answer these and many other questions, Education UK expert Indranil Ghosh hosted a chat with GA readers on September 9. For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript:

Indranil Ghosh says, Greetings from the British Council. We are ready to take your questions.

Harsha asked, Education- BBA. I have some 38 months of experience in education industry.. I want to do my Masters/MBA from a good UK uni.

Indranil Ghosh answers, Masters courses in UK are for one year and the entry qualifications is a Bachelor's degree (preferably in a related subject) and an English proficiency test (either IELTS or TOEFL). Besides looking at a good academic track record, UK institutions will ask you for two references and a Statement of Purpose. More information on Masters Courses is available on:  and  Sessions begin in September/October. There are some with intakes in January/February as well. There are no specific application deadlines for most institutions; however you should send the applications as soon as possible.

Sanket asked, Education-MBA..... I have done my BSC Computers and PGDIT in 2001.......Since then I am in working in a BPO industry. Would like to know more about the scopes of what course to take in UK

Indranil Ghosh answers, Check out our website . I think you will find it very useful. It has got a whole range of study advice, course searches and other helpful information

abhisinha asked, how about fee structure

Indranil Ghosh answers, Hi Abhi, Fees can vary widely between institutions. The best idea is to visit the institution websites and get an idea of the most recent fees.

uk asked, HI Sanket This is Siddharth from B'lore nxt year i am loooking job in U.K on SAP as i have 4yrs experience in SAP HR consultant in b'lore , if i get the work permit in U.K , Can i do a part time MBA / Any suitable HR Degree???? Kindly suggest me on this regard :-) regards siddhartha SAP Consultant B'lore

Indranil Ghosh answers, Hi, if you are in the UK with a valid work permit and working for an organisation you could enrol into part time courses. You could use  for part time courses offering MBAs

Eddie asked, 1) I wanted to know of the reputation of 1 year Full Time MBA Degree in London [Images] at College of Technology London, degree awarded by University of Wales Lampeter. 2)Is it possible to get a work permit after doing the course and a decent job

Indranil Ghosh answers, University of Wales, Lampeter is a recognised institution with degree awarding powers. For more information check  

GAGANDEEP SINGH asked, hi i m Gagandeep from delhi and i m looking for a job in UK and i have 2 year experence in Netwoking feild

Indranil Ghosh answers, Hi Gagandeep, For employment regulations you could check this site  

apurva asked, Hi, i m Apurva from gujarat and would like to ask about reputation of M.Sc. course in Engineering branch from University of Liverpool. Will you please guide me?

Indranil Ghosh answers, University of Liverpool is well renowned for their courses. I would think a degree from the university will help you in your career

Shardul asked, hi, I have already done my MBA but want to do some specialized course in marketing...please suggest.

Indranil Ghosh answers, You need to let us know what kind of specialized courses you are looking for. There are Post Graduate diplomas available. You could even do a second masters or a short term course which leads to a certificate

anisham14 asked, i am intrested in please tell me what exams i need to clear before i can apply for any univ in UK. Also, i would like to know the selection criteria.what the univ expects from student. i im a 3rd yr BE student. hence i wld like to know before hand, so that i can prepare for it frm nw.

Indranil Ghosh answers, There are a wide range of courses available at the masters level in the UK. More information on Masters Courses is available on:  There are two formal rakings available: www. brings together key sources of information about the quality of higher education in UK universities and colleges. Also Research Assessment Exercise  The RAE provides quality ratings for research across all subjects. Ratings range from 1 (lowest) to 5* (highest). We advice that you research these resources. These will be definitely helpful for you and assist you in making a decision. Also consult  for information on admission requirements and the advantages of studying and living in the UK!

mbadestiny asked, Hi, after completing my MBA from UK based University, am I eligible to work in UK for a certan period before I apply for work permit ?

Indranil Ghosh answers, Hi, if you complete a masters from a UK university you are eligible to work for two years. International graduates who have studied in the UK will be free to seek employment for up to two years under Tier 1 of the Points Based System (PBS). This allows the most able international graduates to find work in the UK without the need for a sponsor or work permit. Tier 1 (Post-study work) replaces IGS and the Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme. For more information, log on to  

basi asked, I have done BE Mechanical and I want to do higher studies which is more suitable course MBA or MCA for my professional carreer?which is the top most institute to do MBA?where it is better to do MBA in UK or Australia [Images]?

Indranil Ghosh answers, UK MBAs typically take a year to complete. Most institutions will require you to have 2-3 years of work experience before applying for admission. Many institutions are highly regarded for their MBA programmes Check out  to learn about the advantages of studying and living in the UK


Indranil Ghosh answers, Most Masters programmes in the UK are of 1 year duration. Try our website  for a course search. I think you will find it helpful

Sanjay asked, Hi, how is M. Sc course in comparison to MBA?

Indranil Ghosh answers, Many MSc degrees from institutions can have similarities with MBAs in course structure. However, admission to most MBA programmes would require 2-3 years of work experience

anu asked, i had completed my fine arts from Banaras Hindu University in 2006 specialization in applied art after that i join an international advertising company, now i am interesting in my higher education from UK. Specially in graphic designing could you tell me about that. and i am not very good from money side.

Indranil Ghosh answers, UK is a wonderful destination for studying graphic design. In fact, many ground-breaking designs of the world has originated from the UK. If you want to find out about scholarships check  

srinivas asked, Iam a working professional and did my MBA. Without leaving job, I would like to do Ph.D. in Management in India through UK university. Can you pl. suggest ?

Indranil Ghosh answers, You could look into distance learning options which will enable you to pursue degrees from home. Try searching the following website for information on distance learning  

insani asked, my school academic record wasn't gd. but after that, i have been doing good. In your opinion, do i stand a chance to be selected?

Indranil Ghosh answers, When you apply for admission to a UK institution, several things will be taken into consideration. Of course your academic record is important. However a lot of importance is placed on extra-curricular achievements, recommendations, your personal statement, portfolio (if required), etc. So our advice is go ahead and apply.

Sanath asked, Hi I am working as of now and am planning to do my MS in UK. How are the employment opportunities in UK compared to USA?

Indranil Ghosh answers, Hi, International graduates who have studied in the UK will be free to seek employment for up to two years under Tier 1 of the Points Based System (PBS). This allows the most able international graduates to find work in the UK without the need for a sponsor or work permit. Tier 1 (Post-study work) replaces IGS and the Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme. For more information, log on to  

aks asked, hi..i have done Electronics Eng. and currently working in INfosys [Get Quote] with 1 and half year of experience..i have heard few courses which can be perceived only after 2 years of experience..can u elaborate on it

Indranil Ghosh answers, If you are planning to pursue an MBA, then you will probably need 2-3 years of work experience to apply for admission. However, there are a few institutions who admit students without work experience into their MBA programmes

Abhishek asked, Hi,what is the approximate cost of MBA in UK particularly England [Images]????

Indranil Ghosh answers, Costs can vary depending on institutions. An approximate estimate will be 8000 - 12000 GBP for tuition fees. However, you could check individual institution web sites for exact figures

abhisinha asked, Does work experience help in getting good college

Indranil Ghosh answers, It will definitely be an advantage if you have work experience

Pinky asked, Hello Indranil, I am interested to know how good is THAMES VALLEY UNIVERSITY MBA. Will it provide me good job or would I be better off waiting for better institutes. Also would MARKETING MA in KINGSTON [Images], will it be as good as an MBA from the employability perspective. Your inputs will be most timely and valued. Thank you.

Indranil Ghosh answers, It is commonly observed that many Indian employers look for MBAs these days. However, our experience says, that if you have performed well in your academics, the degree is from a recognised institute and if you network well, it should not be difficult for you to land a good job! Both the instituions are recognised and have degree awarding powers. So do some further research and make an informed decision - will be our advice

charandeep asked, hi, If my wife applies for student visa then what would be my status there? If i can work freely in UK with her??

Indranil Ghosh answers, Hi, if you are accompanying your wife to the UK, you can work for the duration of her study

violet asked, Hi, could you please guide me regarding pursuing further studies in NGO management? Thanks

Indranil Ghosh answers, Hi. Try our website  and put in NGO management as a subject keyword. Choose 'Postgraduate' and 'Full time' from the drop down menus. It will give you search results you can look up

insani asked, please explain me if i can go for a dual course in UK. I am intrested in and MBA.

Indranil Ghosh answers, Hi, these are one year programmes and are very intensive. So you can do only one masters at a time.

Abhishek asked, Is MBA in US cheaper than MBA in UK ??..Currently I have 2 years experience in It and planning to do MBA

Indranil Ghosh answers, It will depend on the institution you are doing it from. However, since most UK MBAs are one year in duration it usually works out to be less expensive and will be a good value for money

v.karthik asked, Hi i am planning to take up the distance learning program bsc(business administration) from london school of economics.i have scored a first class in my 2 puc examinations(karanataka state board).i wrote an email to external study dept of lse but got no reply from them so how do i contact them?

Indranil Ghosh answers, Hi, i picked this up from their website: see if this helps:  Address and contacts. We welcome personal and telephone callers to our office. Please note that our office hours are Monday�Friday, 9.00am�5.00pm. You may, of course, email us at any time. LSE External Study Office 6th Floor, Tower 2 LSE Houghton Street London WC2A 2AE Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7768 Fax: +44 (0)20 7955 7421 Email:  See Who's who for a complete list of staff in the External Study office.

SKJ asked, How is University of Leeds for LLM

Indranil Ghosh answers, Hi, University of Leeds is a well regarded recognised university

c asked, I compleated my in distace and I would like to go to abroad for MBA Can I get the admission at Uk university Let me know the prosedure to follow.

Indranil Ghosh answers, Hello. Check our website  for advice on procedures, requirements, etc.

harkiran asked, Dear sir i am 28 years married 10+2 only i want to do graduation from u.k. is is possible to do this. if yes then how ?

Indranil Ghosh answers, Hi, most universities are quite interested in taking mature students in their programmes. It will also be an advantage if you have worked in the meantime. We would advise you to get in touch with admissions departments in institutions

smily27 asked, i m a mechanical enggr., i would like to know regarding job opportunities in UK in this field.. I ve done BE..

Indranil Ghosh answers, Hi, check this site for further information on working in the UK Log on to  

tushar asked, Hi m interested in persueing MBA from UK, can you suggest me some good institutes and admission procedure for the same? I m currently working as Software developer.

Indranil Ghosh answers, Thank you for your question. UK education has a world wide reputation for quality. There are two formal rakings available: Teaching Quality Information  brings together key sources of official information about the quality of higher education in UK universities and colleges. It is maintained by the Higher Education Research Organisation (HERO). Check this for the National Student Survey (NSS). In this final year students rate the institution at which they are studying on a number of different criteria such as level of academic support they received and the learning resources available to them. It enables students to make comparisons between institutions, between different subjects within the same institution and to make a more informed choice about where they will study. Research Assessment Exercise  The RAE provides quality ratings for research across all subjects. Ratings range from 1 (lowest) to 5* (highest).

Vandana asked, Hello, I have done by B.Com., I would like to pursue MBA from UK, what all preperation do I need to do for the same. I cleared my IELTS also for the same. Please advice. Thank you.

Indranil Ghosh answers, Check out  for advice on how to proceed. It is a good resource with a lot of helpful information

maggi asked, Hi, I'm interested in ursuing my masters in computer from UK. How is the reputation of Oxford Brookes University

Indranil Ghosh answers, Hi, Oxford Brookes is a recognised renowned institution with degree awarding powers

ktandon asked, Dear Indranil, I have already done my MBA in marketing and Finance. I wanted to a short term course in HR since my work experience of 2 years have been in HR. Pls let me knwo of some courses that i can get enrolled into and universities... Thanks in advance

Indranil Ghosh answers, Try searching!eLaXi  It is a very helpful website with information on a wide variety of courses. Combine this with our site  

anita asked, Hi, I have completed MSC in Biochemistry, and got 2 years of post msc experience as a researcher. Can you please suggest me what kind of coursed are offered for me... with full financial aid etc.

Indranil Ghosh answers, A good option will be to go for a PhD. a research degree, especially a PhD is the ultimate opportunity to pursue your own specialist interests. You initiate and develop a topic under the supervision of an academic (sometimes two academics) who specialises in your chosen field. To be successful, research students must demonstrate intellectual independence and they will be expected to work on their own to a large extent, meeting their supervisor every few weeks. The precise nature of supervision will vary from subject to subject. The normal minimum period required to complete a Ph.D. is three years. However, majority of students takes longer than three years to complete 'writing up'. A realistic time frame for completion of a Ph.D. is three-and-a-half to four years. Research programmes end in a dissertation or thesis of 70,000-100,000 words & must present original findings that are in principle publishable to find a phd in your area, please check  and  For information on scholrships please check  

Indranil Ghosh says, Dear all, thanks for taking part today, I hope I have been able to give you satisfactory answers to the questions you have all asked today. Good luck with your future studies and I hope this has helped you all. Until next time... Thanks, Indranil

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